Our Thanksgiving Weekend

Since Trevor and I don't live near our families, we alternate for holidays with our two sides. For example, Thanksgiving this year would be with my family, and Christmas with Trevor's, and vice versa the next year. However, Trevor and I decided a few years ago that we would not be traveling for Thanksgivings anymore. With school and work schedules, it became a hassle to get the time off, all to use most of it for traveling. I kept feeling like I hardly got to actually spend time with family, and hated that we spent so much of our vacation time driving. We figured we would much rather spend our vacation time another time during the year when we could stay for much longer. Since Trevor does have some extended family up here in Utah, we have spent the last few Thanksgivings with them, but this year they are all headed to St. George, making this Thanksgiving our first one just us!

We had planned to go skiing on Thanksgiving day and I had all these grand plans to make a Thanksgiving dinner, but of course Trevor had to go and get himself sick, really sick. Trevor had a horrible cough and sore throat for days leading up to Thanksgiving, he could hardly talk, so all of our plans went out the window. Thanksgiving morning he was feeling much better, but didn't want to push it. At this point I gave up on the idea of cooking a whole turkey just for me and him, so we decided to go out for our Thanksgiving dinner.

Seeing that Trevor and I have never had anything but a homemade meal for Thanksgiving dinner, we didn't expect for every single place you could imagine to be jam packed. Reservations full, lines out the door! No joke, even places like Chuck-A-Rama were wrapped around the building! So we gave up after an hour of driving around and headed to the grocery store and made ourselves a small lunch with the hopes of finding something later in the evening. Those hopes were also lost, so we just stuffed ourselves with pie and apple cider. We aren't huge turkey fans anyways :) Despite our failed Thanksgiving plans, we had a great night. Neither of us have gone black Friday shopping, but decided, why not, since this was becoming a Thanksgiving of firsts for us. It actually turned out to be pretty successful! We are starting to see why people brave the crowds and go out every year.

In an attempt to make up for our Thanksgiving day disaster we decided to use a gift certificate I won at a GroopDealz party to have a night out on the town. Friday night we went to a yummy steak house, Christopher's, in down town Salt Lake and stuffed ourselves royally. We more then made up for our lack of a Thanksgiving meal!

After dinner we went and saw the new Hunger Games movie, and then checked into the The Peery Hotel downtown. The Peery Hotel is a building I have passed many, many times and have always loved it, it may be the history major in me but I love older buildings! Supposedly it is even haunted, all though we never experienced anything, I wish ;) The hotel was definitely beautiful, but when I say it has been left exactly how it was built, that is no understatement. The bathrooms were pretty tiny, and the room was an odd layout. With that said, the bed was amazzzzzing and I slept like a rock. We got a pretty cool corner room with lots of windows, and it was cool to see all the fun going on down town. If you like older historic buildings, I would recommend it, but if you want the luxury of a modern hotel, I wouldn't haha.

The next morning we enjoyed leftover pie and donuts, and spent the rest of the day together. It has been so nice to have such a long weekend with Trevor without him having to study for something or writing a paper. If law school did one thing it made me appreciate all the time I get to spend with my husband, and I hope I never lose that sense of urgency to soak up every minute we have together. Family really is the most important thing, and I hope everyone enjoyed theirs to fullest this weekend!

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  1. I live in Salt Lake City too; how funny! Anyways, sounds like a nice low key Thanksgiving. We stopped traveling for this holiday to see family about 6 years ago and while we miss them, we enjoy doing things our way!


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