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My parents instilled an active lifestyle in me from a young age. I grew up playing sports, dancing, riding bikes, roller blading, running, going to the beach or going on hikes. In high school I played Basketball, Field Hockey, and was on Varsity Lacrosse for three years. I went from intense workouts everyday after school to moving away to college and seeing a significant shift in my activity. I was able to stay a little more active by being involved in club Lacrosse teams, but once I graduated from college and started working full time, having those same activities such as organized sports available to me were non-existent. I had to make more of a conscious effort to work out. Working out at a gym was pretty foreign to me, but I knew I needed stay active into adulthood, not only did I need it, my body craved it. It has taken me a few years to really get down a routine that works for me, but I feel like I have finally reached a place where I understand my adult body and what it needs to be at its best.

This time of year things get the most difficult for me. I am not alone, statistics say that the average American puts on 50% of their yearly weight gain during the holidays. I always put on the most weight from October through January. This year I want to really make an effort to combat that.

I have teamed up with Kohl's to share the different ways I stay active and healthy. I have decided to start a little health and fitness series on my blog. I have often blogged about these topics over the years, but will be making more of an effort during these months where it seems so challenging to stay on top of it. We could all use the reminder when the pies and candy start rolling around!

I think the biggest problem/excuse people make when it comes to working out is not having enough time. It can be so hard to find the time when you have a busy family, work full time, or both. Add the holiday season to all of that and we can pretty much excuse ourselves completely from finding time to stay physically active. I chose the phrase, physically active intentionally. Not everyone considers themselves an athlete. I believe anyone can be an athlete if they want to be, but the reality is not everyone enjoys working out or running. And I am here to tell you that you don't have to run a marathon to be fit and healthy! However, you do need to be physically active.

Sit down and take inventory of your day. How do you spend your time? Odds are there are gaps during your day where you COULD fit in some physical activity. If it is important to you, you will find the time. For example, I noticed that I liked to watch a t.v. show at the end of the night to unwind after work, it was an hour long program. If I am being totally honest with you, I often would watch two shows. That accounts for two hours out of my day! I know that when you come home from a long day at work that all you want to do is veg out, but I decided I could at least walk during that time. When I go to the gym, I usually do the stair master for an hour, while watching a show! I love killing two birds with one stone with this time saving method. I get the enjoyment of the show, but I am also sweating like a beast while I am doing it. If you want to tone it down, walk or do a light jog on the treadmill while you watch a show or read a book. I never feel guilty about taking the time to watch some t.v. if I am working out while doing it.

Don't have a gym pass? Go for a walk! Go with your kids to the park, or a friend to chat. Make it a date and go with your spouse before or after dinner. Bring your pet! I grew up with a dog and I loved talking her on long walks after school. I can't wait for the day when Trevor and I can get a dog so that we can take her out for runs, walks, and park adventures. Stay active with those around you, enjoy that time together! I call my mom everyday, and I wish she lived in the same State so we could go for walks while we chat, but I have often just walked around my neighborhood while on the phone with her instead of sitting on the couch. I even did this with reading when I was younger. I would read a book while walking to the park to swing!
If you LOOK for the little ways you can fit some physical activity into you day, you will be shocked with how much extra burn you can fit in. See what you are already doing with you day, and how you can make it become more of an active activity.

I won't lie, having nice work out clothes can be just the motivation one needs to get themselves out to the gym or on a run. When you feel you look good, your energy just picks up! Kohl's has a huge selection of active wear right now that does just that. I was lucky enough to have them send me a boat load of their best pieces and I can't wait to share all of my favorites with you! These key hole leggings are silky smooth, yet still firm enough to feel like you have that control top. I have been LIVING in them! They are my first pick when heading to the gym, or even to just go run my errands. I also love this new balance light weight top with fun pops of color. I love wearing colorful active wear because I am a big believer in color affecting our moods. It goes great right over a sports bra, but is light enough to work out in. They are great for runs!


  1. I agree with you that good workout clothes can get you motivated for exercise. Some days I don't feel up to a run, but the second I've got my jogging bottoms on it's a different story!
    I also like the fact that you're promoting exercise for health rather than weight loss. :)

    Hannah | The Crafty Fox

  2. I love me a nice work-out outfit.

    I second everything Hannah (^^) said.

  3. I am totally with you - I make excuses all the time about not having enough time to work out, or being too tired, or just not feeling like it. But it really makes such a difference and I really do feel better once I get my butt to the gym and sweat! I also appreciate such thorough and honest content in a sponsored post - I feel like that rarely happens and it was nice to see.

    I actually worked out on Friday night and will be tomorrow, as well. Let's keep this up until New Year's Eve! :)

    ~ Christina

    1. We can do it Christina! haha Trevor always tells me that its when you don't feel like going that it will be the best for you to go! :)

  4. you look lovely in blue! super cute!

  5. My word, having a dog just imposes an active lifestyle n you. I also grew up with a dog and miss it all the time. Here in Barcelona we don't really have big parks and I live on a mountain, so running outside is pretty much impossible.I usually stop going to the gym in the holiday season because it is my time of the year to indulge. Luckily I lose weight pretty easily when the new year starts. welcome back by the way, I missed your posts :)

  6. Excited for this new feature! One of the things that I find tough personally when it comes to a fit & healthy lifestyle this time of year is mentality. I find myself thinking, "who cares, the year's almost over - I'll just have some fitness-centered resolutions" (which, of course, will never happen); "the holidays is a time I should be enjoying, guilt-free" etc. etc. I think changing mentality is key here!

    1. I am so with you! Been there, done that. I already have post ready to go all about this!

  7. It's so much easier to have motivation to work out when you look cute!

  8. i love your nails! and that jacket. My husband just started working out together and boy are we sore! I definitely think that cute work out clothes help to motivate me. i even like to set goals for my self and reward my self with new clothes once i reach a goal weight or have been working out for a certain time (i tend to stop after a while, yikes!) And i love taking our pup out to play, especially when I'm not feel a big work out that day!

    1. I love this Clara! It is so much better to reward ourselves with something like clothes then with FOOD! :)

  9. Great post! Looks like really nice athletic outer ware!Glad I found you from the Pleated Poppy link up today!
    Ill be sure to follow


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