Halloween Week

You guys, you guysssssssss. Halloween is probably my favorite holiday. I love the theatrics of it all. This year did not disappoint, and we did a little bit of everything I love. We went to a friend's Halloween party, where I won best treat, I brought my favorite homemade oreo cookies but dyed the frosting orange. Such an easy way to make these treats customizable for events and parties! 

Trevor decided to go to the party as a ghost, and I thought the whole classic sheet ghost costume was hilarious. He originally cut the holes for his eyes and nose too big so we had to readjust. Oh man, it was hilarious, his hair stuck up on the top because of it and I thought it totally made the costume. I was a creepy mime, and had a lot of fun doing my makeup, in fact no one recognized me when I walked in.

How creepy does Trevor look here?! HAHA
I was dying watching Trevor try and eat with his costume on :) HAHA

The night before Halloween we went to our favorite Haunted House with some friends, Nightmare on 13th Street. We had dinner before and then scared ourselves silly. Friends, food and haunted houses, it was such a fun night :)

On Halloween night Trevor and I decided to go out to Sushi. We found this great place with amazing sushi and with killer prices on top of that. It also happens to be super close to our place, which will probably turn out to be a bad thing ;) We stuffed our faces with sweets, oreo pies, and watched a scary movie cuddled up on the couch. It was the perfect Halloween night and just what I needed after a long and exhausting week. I hope you all had a great week and a fun Halloween! :)


  1. I love Halloween too - it looks like you had a lot of fun. This year there were 11 of us at my friends house for a sleepover (it's becoming a Halloween tradition) and her mum stole a pumpkin from this guy that told us to eff off! :L

  2. I love Halloween!! So funny and that Trevor cut the holes too big, it worked on in such a great way though. Congrats winning the best treat. The homemade oreos looks so good!! Happy Halloween!

  3. Homemade oreo cookies?! Those sound amazing.

  4. OMG LOL! I died laughing at the ghost!

  5. The first thing I said when you posted that photo on IG was "of COURSE Trevor would put a sheet on his head!" Love it!!
    I seriously don't know how you two handle all the creepy, scary stuff! I would have a heart attack if I went to a haunted house in my old age ;)
    Miss you guys!!

  6. The first picture is great. You'll have to check out my blog, we were the Von Trapp family. Since you love the theatrics, you will get a kick out of it. Take care,


  7. This made me laugh. You look incredible. And you are so brave. Ha I would die!

  8. You guys are too funny. Your husband's costume is cracking me up. My little 3 year old wanted to be a ghost so bad. Also, I'm going to need to try your homemade oreo recipe. That sounds amazing. I'm kind of an oreo addict.


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