A Girl's Weekend

September was a super rough month for me in many ways, and I just needed a time out. My bestie Jamie and I have been missing each other and wanted to have some girl time so I figured the timing couldn't be more perfect. Trevor was going out of town to go hunting and her husband was going to be gone as well, so we decided that last weekend we just needed to make it happen. So I drove down to St. George to spend the weekend with her.

Friday night we went to dinner and stayed up talking for hours like usual. I don't know what it is about certain people but Jamie is one of those ones that I could never be done talking to. We slept in Saturday morning which was absolute perfection. It was such a gorgeous day in St. George and we decided to head out to brunch at Breakfast At Tifiny's at the Green Valley Spa and Resort. By the looks of my creme brulee french toast you can tell it was delicious! After we did some shopping, which totally brought me back to our high school days. Jamie and I were mall buddies and always went shopping together. I forgot how good we are at it ;) 

This is Gus. I wish I could have taken him home. He loved me :) He is Jamie's Chiweenie!

Later that afternoon we met up with Jamie's mom, who is like family to me, and we headed up to Zion National Park to do a hike. Southern Utah is so beautiful, you can take it for granted living there. The stunning and striking red rocks blew me away! I hadn't been to Zion's since I was a little girl, and I don't know how I have been married to Trevor for five years and haven't been to it once. I will making sure we change that asap because I could have been out there all day! Such beauty. After a little hike we enjoyed wondering around the little town of Springdale. It reminded me of Moab, with the red rocks as the backdrop to the tiny and eclectic town. We wandered the shops and enjoyed a dinner together as the sun went down. We ended the trip with some ice cream and headed on back to St. George. Jamie and I went in the hot tub and ended the night watching a movie. We stayed up way too late, but of course that happens with us, we are just a lot older than we used to be so now it hurts more the next day :) HA. 

Sunday morning we headed off to the Little Jamaica, a hidden desert oasis a short drive from St. George. I had heard so much about this place and it did not disappoint, it was pretty cool! Jamie said it is usually full of people, but that morning we were the only ones. We enjoyed lounging around in the water, the perfect Sunday morning. While I didn't want to leave it was time I got ready to head back. We had some lunch and said our goodbyes. I used the drive home to listen to General Conference, which made the time go by so quickly! I got home just a few hours after Trevor and we were able to talk about our weekends and have dinner together. It was  a perfect weekend, and exactly what I needed. I really am so lucky to have someone like Jamie in my life. True and amazing friends are hard to come by, and she is the real deal. We just enjoy each other, trust each other, and have each other's backs. She knows me better then anyone, and vice versa, and we just love each other. Enough with the cheese I know, but I just feel rejuvenated after seeing her. Such a great girl's weekend! 

Sorry for the grainy photos, only brought my iphone with me!


  1. what a great way to end summer! dying over your French toast delicousness.

  2. Such beautiful photos!! That ice cream looks yummy! :)


  3. This looks so lovely! I love to take active vacations because I never feel guilty about eating all the nummy food! Glad you had a great time!
    Much love,
    Sydney at Twine Interiors

  4. Gergeous photos - looks like a great trip!
    Hannah | The Crafty Fox

  5. That's a really lovely place. Lovely people, wonderful weekend! :)

  6. aww awesome!! SUCH a cute pup!

  7. Such a beautiful waterfall! Sounds like a much needed trip away. I can't wait to visit this place one day!

  8. Love you girls! What a fun weekend!

  9. What a perfect weekend! I'm so glad you had a great time! I need a weekend like this, badly!!
    That ice cream shop in Springdale is the BEST! I stop and get some after every Zion visit!

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