I would never spend over two grand on a dress, but dang I love this one! A girl can dream right? That's why I included it in this week's I'm Loving post. I love how it looks like a piece of art with the print and flowy a-line. It is also incredibly versatile; it can be summery with a pair of sandals, or add a leather jacket and now it works for a fall night. I put together a transition from summer to fall with how I would wear this dress. I will definitely be on the hunt for it's doppelgänger! And can we talk about those shoes from Forever21? Hello! P.S. I have been DYING for that yellow Marc Jacobs bag, and it is on sale... *swoon*
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  1. C and F are def. something I need to add to my beauty stash :)


  2. That dress is stunning! Perfect for a wedding I've got coming up too. Thanks x

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