A grainy shot from my phone, but I like it none the less. This is us at a wedding, one of the few times we got out together in the last few months!

Trevor graduated from BYU Law School back in April, which honestly, in retrospect seems like some sick joke. I mean, why do they celebrate something that isn't really "done" yet? If you are wondering where my bitter attitude is from, it would be that this whole summer Trevor has been overwhelmed with studying for the bar. Trevor, unfortunately and fortunately, has been working for a firm since before he graduated. He loves his job, but working full time while trying to study for the bar is no walk in the park.

I have watched him go to work all day, come home, and pour what little energy he has left into studying until we go to bed. It was disheartening to watch. I wished there was a way I could do some of it for him! But all of this was on him. He decided to take the month of July off to just study. Since he was behind from working full time he would wake up and spend the whole day in the office studying until dinner. Then after dinner go right back to studying before bed. I can't tell you how much it means for me to see him work so hard. He isn't just doing this for himself, and that is never lost on me.
Last week Trevor took the bar, a two day grueling test. And I feel like, now, yes NOW we can actually celebrate something! Our law school experience is complete from start to finish. What an incredible, and difficult journey it was. It feels like yesterday I was rushing to finish a surprise cake for him to come home to after taking the LSAT. Oh man, I remember when I thought the LSAT was an ordeal, what I didn't know!

The last three years have been miserable at times, and amazing at others. The law school experience married comes with it's challenges, but I am grateful for them. They created a deeper bond between us and solidified the fact that we are in this together, a team. There isn't much more comforting in this world then knowing you love someone, they love you, and you are together no matter what. Feeling really grateful for such a strong companion in my life!

Life this past week has already been drastically different! I am so happy to have more time with my husband again. Since the LSAT studying started Trevor's spare time has been full of studying, internships, etc. Life lately has been AWESOME! I forgot what it was like to have him available so much. We are both pretty excited about it :) CHEERS!


  1. YAYYYY!!! Alycia we made it! Yay for hardworking husbands! The bar is no joke! You seriously don't know it until you go through it yourself! Aaron worked too all summer and it was brutal to say the least! Go celebrate you two! You deserve it!

    PS you look gorgeous. Love your dress!

  2. So happy for you guys :)

  3. yay for being done with law school!!! congrats to your husband! (and to you, because i am sure it was difficult for both of you!!) i actually thought of karina as i was reading this, so it was funny to see that she was the first to comment... i am sure you both feel each other's pain!

  4. My husband just finished up Paramedic school while working full time and somewhere in there we had a baby. I was definitely bitter when he had to go back to work 3 days after I had the baby because he didn't have any more vacation days left after taking PTO for school. I'll be honest - it made the newborn period, which should have been fun, new, and exciting.. absolutely MISERABLE! If I could go back, I would never have had it work out like that. But now that it's done, its such a relief! Congrats to you two for making it through! :-)

  5. Congratulations Alycia and Trevor!! What an accomplishment! Here's hoping you have a lot more time together moving forward. Kudos for weathering an intense season so well as a couple :)

  6. You two are just too cute! I'm glad the stress is over for you. -Hanna Lei

  7. Oh, tell me, I was studying and working for about 4 years because I have to pay my bills. It was a hard time, but the end of studying for your boy is not so far away so you will have more time to spend together.
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