Our Anniversary Weekend

It was pretty last minute but Trevor and I decided we needed to do something a little more fun than just go out to dinner for our anniversary this year, I mean, it is five years! Trevor and I love being outdoors and being active, so when I suggested boating in St. George he was totally on board. Being on the lake is probably our favorite thing to do! We drove down Friday night and by Saturday morning we were on the lake with Trevor's family! The weather that day was amazing and we had a lot of fun just soaking up the sun and swimming. After we went to lunch and my brother and his wife met up with us. I love that both my brother and I have in-laws in the same city because we get to sneak in little visits when we both happen to be there. We even ran into some friends, which happens a lot when going back to one's hometown, and so it was like a little party at CafĂ© Rio!

Later that evening Trevor and I rented some wave-runners. I can't really describe or put into words how beautiful it was that evening. People were bringing their boats in for the day, the sun was setting, the red rocks created a majestic backdrop, and we had two hours to just play on the water - which looked like gold by the way because the sunset was killing it! We had SO MUCH FUN! I highly recommend wave-runners at Sand Hollow at sunset, you will not be disappointed. It was one of my favorite days to date, those are starting to add up by the way :)

After that we were pretty exhausted, and hungry, so we grabbed some burgers and met up with my brother and Trevor's sister and their spouses for some ice cream. Did you follow that? HA. The weather in St. George at night most of the year is perfection! You could stay out all night! We went home exhausted and surprisingly not sunburned! *pats self on back!*
On our actual anniversary, yesterday, we went to Texas De Brazil for our anniversary dinner. This is Trevor's all time, hands down, favorite restaurant. We love it. The service is impeccable, and the high quality meats literally feel like they melt in your mouth. The flavor people, the flavor! I ate my weight and then some in meat. Then we went home and cleaned our apartment so that the bug sprayers could come to our place and spray where they need today. Yup, pretty glamorous! haha It was a pretty great weekend and anniversary if you ask me :)


  1. I am having this same dang dilemma! We've been dating (can I even call it that anymore?) for five years in September, and we're going on holidays to the Whitsunday Islands early October. We've said that it'll be a belated anniversary holiday, but I don't want to be sitting around watching TV on the couch when we should be celebrating not killing each other up until this point!

    1. I celebrate every day that I haven't killed my boyfriend. I know how you feel :)

  2. Boating is the BEST! And St. George is beautiful! So glad you were able to do something fun for your anniversary!

  3. This looks like an amazing weekend! That water is just beautiful! Happy Anniversary!

  4. Such a gorgeous and happy day :)

  5. that is how to celebrate an anniversary

  6. oh what a great celebration!! those photos are amazing. what a beautiful place!

  7. How sweet!! Happy 5th Year Anniversary. You two look so happy and connected.
    P.S - Your hair cut look so cute!

  8. So much fun on the water what a great way to celebate

  9. You guys have seriously convinced me (okay, us, I'm still working on Eric) to rent a jet ski! I never would have thought to go at sunset but I totally want to try it!


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