I have thought a lot about fate, soul mates, and all that jazz. I have always been the person that believes that there are a lot of different people out there you could be happy with in a relationship. But logic goes out the window when you fall in love, because when you fall in love, it feels like fate.

The other night Trevor and I were lying in bed just talking. I brought up how easily we could have not met. I met Trevor at a barbeque on a hot summer night. It was a college party and there were a ton of people there, and because it was so hot there was a really long line for the water. I had gone to this barbeque alone and didn't know anyone, and so with no one to say hi to I got right in line for some water. Unbeknownst to me I was standing in line behind my future husband.

When you think about all the little factors in life that could have made it so I wasn't in line behind him. If I had shown up only a few minutes later, or earlier. If Trevor had decided to get food first. When you think about all the little things that could have happened to make it so that we would have never made a point of contact it can blow your mind. I mean, Trevor only talked to me because the water had run out and he offered to get me some from somewhere else. What if the water hadn't run out? We probably would have never talked.

When you add up all those moments where us meeting could have never happened, it just feels like fate. But I don't really care if it was fate, or chance... I am just so happy I met him. I will forever be thankful everyone was so thirsty that night because it changed my entire life. From the moment we met we were on the fast track. He turned my world upside down.

Five years married, six years together, and yet I feel like no time has passed at all. I mean, obviously it has... but something isn't adding up. I can't be the only married woman experiencing this paradox? I remember my dad telling me that he has never felt older than his twenties. I am just starting to grasp that concept now that I am getting older. Sometimes I feel like Trevor and I just met, yet at the same time feel like we have been together forever? Such a weird feeling. Time is passing, but it isn't.

What can I say about the past five years? After finishing college together, and going through law school, we are finally coming out on the other end of that "are we going to be in school forever?" feeling. I can see the transition happening, a new phase in life, and it is pretty exciting. In life there are absolutely no guarantees. Things happen, people change, we win, we lose. Because of this I know just how lucky I am. How lucky I am that I met and fell in love with a great man.

How blessed I feel to know him. To really know all the idiosyncrasies of who he is, the kind of things you only learn from being totally open with someone for years.

Happy FIVE years my love! I look forward to being "twenty" with you forever...

Here is some of the footage from our beautiful wedding day. I love having these videos, I kind of tear up every time I watch them. Chris, you are the BEST!


Alycia and Trev Reception from Chris McClain Productions on Vimeo.


  1. awwww your post was sooo sweet! Happy Anniversary to you guys - you are a truly beautiful couple! and Thank the Lord for His timing always being perfect!! :)

  2. This post is soooo sweet. Like you I always thought that a person didn't have one particular soulmate. But then I met Kevin and that all changed and when I look back at how we met, the stars couldn't have aligned up more perfectly. Happy five years to you and your sweetie! Thanks for stopping by my blog last week (:

  3. I love this post!
    Is there a full post on the blog that expains more on how you and Trevor met? If not you should really really write one! :)

  4. Awww, I love watching wedding videos! And I totally agree with chance meetings and circumstances and never meeting if certain things never happened. :)

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  6. Aw so sweet. Happy five years!!

  7. Happy happy anniversary! Such a beautiful couple xx

  8. What a sweet uplifting post hope you have many more great years ahead of you

  9. happy anniversary, wish you many years of joy and happy. It's really amazing how we can met our soul mate in the most strange place :)

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  10. Happy 5 years to you both, your story is beautiful and it definitely does sound like fate :)

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  11. This post made me smile, Happy anniversary :)


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