So I had all these grand plans to have blog posts set up and ready to go for when I was gone. But the reality is, the last few weeks leading up to us leaving for Thailand was so hectic and chaotic. So much needed to get done, so much wasn't ready, and so much was going on with graduation and family in town. Then I thought about how I could swing managing it from abroad, that idea lasted for about a second.

The thing is, I blog about my life and interests, and never want it to to be priority over quality time with friends and family. So often I feel we let our jobs, hobbies, whatever it may be take the priority. I wanted one hundred percent focus on me and my husband while away. I loved being totally unplugged from it all while in Thailand with Trevor. It was a much needed break.

After a grueling three years in Law School, working, life in general... we have not had much time for the kind of quality time all couples need. Can I just tell you how AMAZING the quality time we had in Thailand was?! I think my favorite thing about going to Thailand was reconnecting with my husband. It felt like a honeymoon, like we were dating again. I get a little teary eyed thinking about it honestly. I love that man so much and have renewed the goal to make sure we get that quality time more often, and don't let the common stresses of life get in the way. Oh how important it is. It is THE most important thing.

We both are ready to get back into the groove of things and are looking forward to the new changes happening in our lives! I will be back to blogging regularly, and get ready for lots of posts about Thailand :)


  1. This is a great post! Thailand sounds like so much fun!


  2. Love this picture! So glad you got to get away can't wait to read more about Thialand!


  3. Love it!! We are doing the PT school thing right now, and I feel like we have been in student mode for SO long (maybe because we have?!). Every break from school is like coming up for air... so nice to have that school stress go away for a bit! You're getting me really excited for my husband's graduation... 2 more years! OY

  4. This post is so perfect! I'm glad you guys had such an amazing time together! I cannot wait to read and see everything from all your fun adventures! I'm sure it was incredible!


  5. Couldn't agree with you more. I know what you mean by being "unplugged." Sometimes it's nice to get away from it all. Love the picture of the tiger!

    Stay Styled,



  6. LOVE that picture! Just seeing you two after law school is making me feel like it will be worth it and there is an end! -I seem to forget that a lot. Enjoy your love time!

  7. Can't wait for posts! I totally get it...girl. If you had been blogging, I would've told you to KNOCK IT OFF! Our trip after the hectic 4 years of med school was the same. Ahh. So blissful. Now, after a year of residency, I'm ready for another!

  8. That picture is great! I'm happy for you. -Hanna Lei

  9. Oh how we enjoyed Thailand. You're right, unplugging fees good. When things overwhelm us in life, it's OK to take 2 steps back.

  10. beautiful photo!


  11. So amazing I found you again! I hope you remember but anyhow, you used to follow my blog back when it was "a sight to be seen" way back in the day. I have a new blog and hope to re connect with you! xo danica


  12. It can feel refreshing to unplug for a bit, Thailand isn't a place I have ever wanted to visit

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