The Infamous Glitter Sandal

I picked these sandals up last summer and loved them to death. So did everyone else. Everyone always wants to know where they are from! They have sold out a few times already when they brought them back this season, and here they are again. Just wanted to let everyone know since I get asked 1,000,000 times about them! haha GET them while you can! :) CHECK THEM OUT!


  1. Thanks darlin! Just snagged a pair! I hope they run a little big and I went a half size up. :)

  2. Hooray! They would look so good with just about everything I plan on wearing this Spring and Summer. Thanks for the tip!

  3. I'm wearing mine today! And you best believe I have a backup pair waiting for if (when) I wear these out... Along with a pair of most of the other colors as well, haha.

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  5. Would you say they are pretty comfortable, like for walking longer distances? I think they are so dang cute but can't do uncomfortable shoes lol

    Dearest Lou

    1. They are pretty comfortable! The strap around the ankle helps a lot with that. They are thin, so not too far, but I would totally wear them to a day at Disneyland or something like that!

  6. Love! How does the sizing run?

  7. Yay! You have NO idea how excited I am :) But maybe you do..

    Strawberry Chic


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