Jtaylor Photography Promotion!

Way back in September, when I was platinum :o, Jalene took some pictures of me and Trevor. She has such a talent when it comes to photography, and on top of that she is one of THE nicest people I have ever met. While I have scattered some of these images randomly over the last few months, I wanted to do a proper post showcasing Jalene's work and images. 

Jalene specializes in weddings, birth stories, and family photography. And boy is she good at it! She is available for travel anywhere, and lucky for you, Jalene is offering a promotion to any of my readers. If you mention my name, you can receive $200 off a wedding collection, $150 off a birth story (have you seen her freakin' birth stories, my gooooooodness!) and $50 off a family shoot. Not to shabby my friends, not too shabby. CHECK OUT her work so you can know what a deal you are getting.


 After the jump for a heavy photo filled post :)


  1. How cute a couple are you two!

  2. You guys look so fabulous! Love this. You'll be so glad to have these pictures forever!

  3. These pictures are amazing! She does great work!


  4. What a great photographer!! She captured the two of you spp well! I love how natural they all are!! :)

  5. These photos are amazing - SO pretty!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  6. These pictures are beautiful!!!


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