For the Love SLC

So the thing is, last week was a rough one for me. It was just a lot of different things that all culminated together to me having a mini melt down. Sometimes when life gets like that, the last thing you want to do is go out. But thank goodness I did! This event was EXACTLY what I needed.

Last weekend I went to one of THE coolest events I have ever been invited to. That really shouldn't be a surprise since the hosts are pretty cool themselves. Heather from No Reason Needed and Michelle and Laura of the MM & L Show hosted the amazing night. They brought together a great group of bloggers, youtubers, fashion professionals, and photographers to network and enjoy the night. It is such a fun industry to be apart of, and the night did not disappoint. This fabulous event was held at the Salt Lake's best kept secret (really, it is hidden) The Rest. I can't say enough about this venue. Gorgeous, sexy, just everything. Here is a glimpse into the night that lifted my spirits, captured by the ever so talented Shannon Elizabeth. I met some amazing people and connected even more with my friends. I walked away totally refreshed after a hard week, and my friends Tiffany and Jenna said it perfectly. "I love that you're the same people every time we meet and that I fall more and more in love with each of you!" - Tiffany "Good true girls are hard to come by!" - Jenna All I can add to that is AMEN. 


It wouldn't be right to not give a shout out to the amazing sponsors of the night. The swag bags were to die for! Thank you to H2O Blow Dry Bar, Scene Makers, Kevin Murphy, Agnes & Dora, The Formulator, Cardio Barre, Spa Day SLC, Salt Lake City Bride & Groom & Nordstrom Fashion Place for all you donated. I can't wait to feature the products. Thank you again to Heather, Michelle, Laura, Ugly Magazine, Saucy & Kitsch, Adorned Styling, Shannon Elizabeth & Elsie Winn for such a fun event!


  1. Ah! It looks like it was fun and super cute! I see all these bloggers posting about these sorts of parties and I can't get over how cute they all are, but in different ways and styles! Haha.

  2. What a gorgeous venue! I also really love your photobooth style pics at these events. It's very red carpet :)

  3. Where was my invite!? ;) This party looks KILLER, and so chic!!

  4. This venue is stunning! If I'm ever back in Salt Lake (hopefully sometime soon!), I'll have to check this place out, it looks incredible!


  5. Gorgeous photos! That space looks so beautiful!

  6. Fun! A really pretty venue too. Great pics! : )


  7. Wow...I'm super jealous right now. Like whoa...

  8. That place looks amazing! What a great event!


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