What life looks like these days...

Seriously, I love this bearded man. 

Whoa, that was a long Christmas Break recap. What can I say? (I may or may not have one more post from Christmas, ha!) This blog does still act as part of my journal keeping, so all of that needed to be recorded! Christmas Break was a total blast, but if I was being totally honest, I don't really consider family trips as a "break" or a "vacation." Too much going on to say I relaxed. In fact I got almost zero sleep and exhausted myself with a ton of activities. Time with my family is fun, yes, but always tiring. Coming home and getting back into the swing of things was an adjustment, as it usually is after long breaks from your typical schedule. That next day at work hurt, like physically. I know you know what I am talking about?

Once we got back into our routines I started to really get excited for 2014. It just feels like it is going to be a great one in all areas of my life. I feel like I am taking a big deep breath after feeling a little suffocated as of late. I have this problem where I put too much on my plate. Before I know it, my life gets unbalanced, and I zone out. I talked about it briefly here. I am trying to keep things more simple. Cue DEEP BREATH.

Life has just been coming together perfectly these days. Work is amazing, I enjoy going every day and the people I work with can't get much better either. I have a great group of friends here in Provo, and meeting up for a nail party, or dinner with those women in your life that just make you laugh your guts out is always good for the soul in my opinion. Girl's nights are just an essential part of being happy in my opinion and I have been having a lot lately.

Then there has been my consistent working out and eating better. It has dramatically changed my energy levels and mood. Every time I get out of the habit and start up again and again I always ask myself, "Alycia, WHY DID YOU EVER STOP?!" I need to tattoo something like that on my hand. DON'T STOP AGAIN, not worth it. Either way, I have been loving it and want to really make sure it sticks this time.

In regards to the blog, I am feeling rejuvenated! I have updated a few things, which always helps liven things up, and I feel like I have gained more of a focus. Working full time, spending time with friends and family, going to the gym every day, church callings and other side projects, can leave little time for me to pursue what I have going on in the online world. I often start things I can't seem to finish or give as much attention to. I have learned that I do gain quite a bit of happiness from my online projects and that I need to be better at making time for them. So here I am, recommitting myself to this space! This space that encourages me, helps us relate to others, learn, grow, and just enjoy ourselves! Who is with me?


Howdy Ho :) Thanks for stopping by my blog! I have enabled the forum feature on my comments so we can all interact in conversation. So if you leave a question, look back for a reply!