Midway Ice Castles

While I often dream of the sunny warm days my friends and family enjoy in San Diego almost year round, there are some really special and magical things about Utah's winters. You just can't deny how breath taking it all is. I wake up to views of the majestic Rockies right in my backyard! 

A few weeks ago Trevor and I went to explore the Ice Castles in Midway. They are created
by a local man every year and we have never made it out there to go see what all the fuss is about. I was blown away with how beautiful it was! How someone could make that with just water and freezing cold temperatures is very impressive. I mean, if they are Oprah approved then you know they got to be good.

We wondered around admiring what is nothing short of art, and even got to go down an ice slide... which by the way, isn't as fun as it sounds, ha. All in all in was great way to spend the afternoon! I hear at night they light them up with different colors and I almost want to go again just to see that! If you are ever in Utah in the winter and have the time, the Midway Ice Castles are a must see!
Trevor kind of looks like he just woke up in this picture, haha :)


  1. AH SO PRETTY! Loooooove your pink!! It POPS!

  2. Breathtaking! I love how the outfit you wore stands out against the blue.
    What a magical place!

  3. The castles are so breath taking (so is your outfit against the blues!!)

  4. GORGEOUS! I am so jealous of every single Utah dweller who's been to the ice castles haha. And your outfit is so perfect, it really pops in all of these pictures

  5. awesome! I've always wanted to go but I'm never in Utah at the right time! totally love it

  6. I so agree with your comment about the slide. We waited in line FOREVER and then when we finally went down the slide I was seriously disappointed. Not worth the wait at all. We also went at night and it was so magical.

  7. We never saw the slide!! I wanted to go ice skating... hopefully in a few years when Mia is old enough?
    Can you believe they already closed this down? The warm temps are throwing everything off this year!

  8. I can't believe I lived so close and never went!

    You are gorgeous! Looking like an ice castle princess all the way!

  9. This is SO amazing (and so is your adorable winter outfit). I want to go so badly!!!

  10. This is one of those things I wish I did while in Utah but never got around to! They look amazing!

  11. Wow, these are absolutely beautiful!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  12. I loved the ice castles! And you look absolutely adorable.
    xoxo Birdie

  13. so pretty! Definitely going on my bucket list! Where is your adorable hat from?

  14. So beautiful! I would love to go sometime. You should go at night!


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