Thanksgiving Pies!

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, all I can think about is Pie! Normally when you think of Thanksgiving you go to the classics... apple, pumpkin, maybe even sweet potato. But why limit yourself? With the wonderful tool of Pinterest these days you can find a variety of options to spruce up your holiday desserts this year!

Surprise your family and friends with some new pie options and check out these recipes!

Smores Chocolate Pie via Life Love and Sugar

Who wouldn't want to bring the goods from the outdoors to the dinner table? Using marshmallows already for some yams or a jello salad this Thanksgiving? Extend it further and add it to your Pie!

Cream Puff Pie via Cooking Classy

Take an amazing cream puff, or eclair and turn it into a pie, Brilliant! Enjoy this super simple recipe that calls for a "cheaters pastry cream" because it is made from a boxed pudding mix. I love when you can find a recipe that makes life easier.

Lemon Cake Pie via Mother Thyme

Oh lemon. I love all things lemon, and the idea of taking a lemon bar and turning it into a pie is pretty exciting to my taste buds. I can't imagine anything better than a nice lemony tart dessert after such a savory Thanksgiving dinner!

Nanaimo Cheesecake via I Wash... You Dry.

Okay, maybe it is the Canadian girl in me that is getting me all giddy about this one but imagine a Nanaimo Bar mixed with the wonderfulness of cheesecake! While not necessarily a pie, this special dessert will steal the show. An incredibly rich cake to end the night of a feast!

No-Bake Blueberry Cheesecake via Once Upon My Life

Don't have a lot of time? Whip up this simple No-Bake Cheesecake! Don't like blueberries? Feel free to add whatever fruit pie filling on top to suit your needs this Thanksgiving. Just another great and easy dessert you can add to everyone's favorite part of the meal on Thanksgiving.


  1. Mmmm..those all look delicious! I'm especially thinking the smore's pie would be awesome!

  2. I am all over that blueberry cheesecake! YUM!

  3. I'm definitely thinking the No-Bake Blueberry Cheesecake! Thanks for sharing!

  4. That smores pie looks amazing! I want some so bad!

  5. These are great ideas! Thanks for sharing.

  6. That nanaimo cheesecake pie looks delish. I may have to show my husband that so he can make it for Christmas dinner. We just recently moved back to Canada after living in the states for 3 years, no one knew of nanaimo bars there. I never realized how Canadian they area. They always remind me of Christmas growing up.

  7. For a savoury option, you could always try a meat pie! It is the pie of choice over here in Australia! :-)

  8. Both of those cheesecakes look amazing!

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  9. I can't even handle how delicious that Nanaimo cheesecake looks. Oh my goodness.

  10. Yum, these all look DELISH!


  11. YEP, so those all looks TOO GOOD.


  12. Where did you find that Nanaimo Cheesecake??? I think we may have to make that!!!!

  13. oooh i had to do pumpkin pie, i just love it warmed with fresh whipped cream. And then i paired it with a flourless chocolate cake - seriously the best/easiest one I've ever made. Heaven.


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