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13. Organize (finally) and get rid of most of my closet.

I have been in some dire need of simplifying my life. I needed a cleanse. A purge. I have been slowly but surely cleaning out my closet because I have got to the point (kind of been at this point for awhile, let's be honest) where I am busting at the seams. I decided to try out this "shop my closet" online.

I have decided to use the handy site Poshmark to sell my clothes. You can actually download the Poshmark app and browse thousands of people's closets on your phone! You can find me under alyciagrayce

Some items are brand new with tags, others have hardly been worn. I encourage you to check it out to see if there is anything you are interested in. Most items will be $5-10! I should have all the clothing items uploaded on my account by the end of the day, so stay tuned!

And just to make this post even better, Me and the lovely Bonnie are teaming up to do a little advertising giveaway and introduce ourselves to each others readers! We thought we would make things more interesting and both answer three questions.

What is the weirdest thing that has ever happened to you?
ALYCIA:  Oh man this one is a toughie. I have had a lot of strange situations but I think the worst was the one situation my own husband put me in! Trevor loves making people uncomfortable, and trust me, I am not spared! Trevor used to work for the senator before law school, and one night I went with him to help out at an event. The senator came in and said hi to Trevor, in which he turned around to introduce me. The senator looked at me and shook my hand, turning to Trevor and said, "How did you get such a beautiful girl to marry you?" I blushed of course, but didn't realize just how much more I would be blushing in a few seconds. My husband, without missing a beat, responded with, "What you don't know is that she used to be a man!" I wish someone could have snapped a picture of all of our faces in that moment. You could tell by the Senator's face that he didn't know if this was a joke or not. I tried telling the senator that I was indeed born a girl, and nothing has changed. The whole thing was so weird and awkward... thanks a lot husband. Of course Trevor thought the whole thing was hilarious. We both laugh about it now!

BONNIE:  Weirdest thing that ever happened to me would have to be the speech that my father in law gave at my wedding. The gist of the speech was this:  My husband, Greg, is truly a blessing to him because it was very hard to conceive Greg.  Gary then went into great deal (in front of 300 guests) of all of the different techniques he and his wife used to try to get pregnant with Greg.  I will always remember this line, "My doctor was trying things on me I've never even done with my wife!"  I'm pretty sure that from that point on it was shocking enough that I just blocked it entirely.  Toward the end of the speech he whipped out a jock strap, proclaiming that his years of playing softball and wearing a cup is what led his reproductive process to not function exactly as it should...

You know, the type of romantic, sentimental stuff that you just love to hear at weddings.

My family is very very very very conservative.  Naturally, we were horrified.  Now we're to the point where we just laugh at it, but whenever it gets brought up Greg and I just look at each other, laugh, and say "Yah... that was weird..."

Worst and best experience with blogging?
BONNIE:  The worst is definitely the criticism.  The internet gives people a mask to hide behind and allows us to say things that are much more hurtful than we would ever say in real life.  I have been called "annoying", "terribly immature", "ridiculous" and even compared to "bean paste" (say what?) by perfect strangers.  In the long run though, it has been good for me as it helps me be aware of my weaknesses, and if nothing else gives me tough skin.

The best experience with blogging has been to get into a habit of writing consistently. Writing for me is how I figure out the world around me so as I write I am able to learn more about myself, my relationships, and important events in my life.  I feel like I become a better person through blogging and that it helps me to be more sensitive and aware of other people's needs.  And of course- the friendships!  It blows my mind how many amazing women there are in the blogging community.

ALYCIA:  There is good and bad that comes with blogging. But I would have to say that the good astronomically outweighs the bad.
The worst experience I have had with blogging is seeing nasty things written about me online. However, I know it comes with the territory. If you put yourself out there so publicly, you are bound to get negative feedback along with the good. And I am okay with that, because I know who I am, and who my friends are, and there is so much good too.
I would have to say the best experience I have got from blogging is getting to meet amazing people. I have developed some pretty great friendships through blogging. Also, every now and again I receive a sweet e-mail from a reader. I love making personal connections with people and I am always amazed at just how kind people are. Another experience I had recently was just happening upon one of my early posts. It made me realize why I love to document my life. It was a little moment between me and Trevor that I had totally forgotten about until I reread it. If I hadn't documented that, I would have totally forgot that story and fun memory. There are so many good experiences with blogging, sorry I couldn't stick with one ;)

What you like about the other person's blog?
ALYCIA:  I love how honest and witty Bonnie is on her blog. I can get totally caught up in her stories. I love how they can be about absolutely anything, something totally random, yet I have to read every word of the post. Some blogs you go to for fashion, for pretty pictures, or a good laugh. I go to Bonnie's to get a good read :)

BONNIE:  One of my favorite things about Alycia's blog is how stunning she always looks!  She can pull of any look and she is so freaking photogenic, so half of the time I just go to look at how amazing she looks in her pictures.  Besides looking gorgeous in pictures, she takes stunning pictures so whenever I want a little inspiration on how to spice up my posts with some great photos I make sure to visit Crowley Party!

Now the Giveaway! We are both offering some free advertising space on our blogs. That means one winner will get two ads :) Not too shabby!

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  1. Thanks so much for this GREAT giveaway!! Wahoo!
    I am going to have to sign up for that Poshmark and start selling some clothes!!

  2. Do you know how long it usually takes to get clothes off this website? I am going on vacation to new york and need some new clothes, I'd love to browse the joint and see what I can get my hands on. :)

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  6. I love that story about your husband and the senator. I'd be horrified in the moment, but that is the best story I've heard in a long time. Hahaha!

  7. What a great giveaway! Thanks ladies!

    xo, Courtney

  8. I've been considering using poshmark! But I do love my trusty ebay and it's hard to stray. Hmm. Anyway, hi! :)


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  12. I love reading your posts. They make me smile. I hope you do well selling your clothes. Too bad I wasn't small enough :)

  13. Love this and super excited more bloggers are joining poshmark its an amazing site. And I wish you were selling that sweater you are wearing in the snow pictures.

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