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Over Labor Day weekend me and the siblings I have living here in Utah all got together with our spouses for dinner. We are calling them "sibling dinners", and plan to do them once a month! The newlyweds hosted first and Wendy and Alex made some delicious chicken tacos! Super easy to make and yummy, I will have to share the recipe sometime!

Water Park, Snow Cones, Arcade Games and Arcade candy winnings?! THE BEST! I think you could say Trevor and I have been trying to make up for lost time this summer! 

After knowing each other online since we had just started our blogs, Ashley from the Shine Project and I finally met! She is just as sweet in person as she comes off online. I bought some jewelry to support her Threads project! Fun event :)

When I am not doing marketing stuff, I get to do fun stuff like create my own Pure-Fume! Basically, I have the best job! Working for Aveda is the best!

The Italian Collection at Bath and Body works is amazeballs. You NEED to get this soap in your life as well as the candle. Sparkling Limoncello = DYING.

This weekend we hit up the Utah State Fair with some friends. I don't know if we are too old for rides now or what but that was the first time I have gotten sick from rides. But who cares about the rides, we all know the best part of a fair is the food! Oh and I got bit by a mosquito and had some wacko reaction, hence why the right side of my face is swollen. 

The Fashion Place Mall Event was fun as usual! They always throw a great party! I brought along one of my oldest and dearest friends, Stephanie. We have known each other since we were three and we had a fun night together. After we hit up the movie theater and saw Austenland... HILARIOUS! If you guys are Jane Austen fans, or just want a good laugh I highly recommend it. It is totally stupid and ridiculous, but it made for a great Friday night.


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  1. alex hasn't changed at all since high school. hahaha! i wish bill is as cool as alex, sibling dinner sounds fun!

  2. I loooove that picture of you and Ashley! Gorgeous gorgeous. I also love that you say "amazeballs" and wish I could mix my own perfume at my job! XO

  3. I saw you at the Utah State Fair! At the magic show that got cancelled because of the rain. I wanted to say hi, but I was a little star struck! haha. I've been reading your blog for years, it kind of shocked me to see you in real life, like "oh right, she's a real person!" haha. I enjoy your blog & you're hair is even prettier in person by the way!

    1. You are too funny! I was bummed about them canceling the Magic show! Haha And thank you about the hair, it actually needs to get done, so thanks! And you should have said hi!!! Hope you had a fun day at the fair.

  4. Oh I meant your hair, how embarrassing :)

  5. I want to just hang out with you. All the time.

    I'll cook you lots of food!

  6. Love that you've started sibling dinners :)

  7. Is that the nickle arcade?! I miss that place!


  8. I will have to check out the Italian collection, that sounds awesome!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  9. Alycia,

    I just love every single one of these things. Making your own perfume sounds especially amazing! I hope someday we can meet, I think we'd be great friends!

    I tagged you in a get to know you post on my blog this morning and would love to hear your answers of what drives and inspires you as a blogger. I hope you'll join in :)



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