holy war

I graduated from the University of Utah, and they make it pretty much impossible to leave there without becoming a die hard Utes fan. I love college football, and I love a good rivalry. I think we have one of the best rivalries in the nation. It is called the Holy War. Last Saturday was the last rivalry game for a few years. It will interrupt a series that has been played each year since 1946. People are pretty upset about the decision, me included.

It just isn't a college football season for me without a BYU and UTE game. But each school is growing in different directions, so I can understand it being hard to maintain the game with their varying schedules, conferences and goals. My little brother is attending the U, so we are pretty big fans together. It is fun having someone else in the family to root against my siblings that went to the Y. Alex got to be at the game, while Trevor and I met up with our friends and had a great night eating game food and soaking up every minute of the last game where the U beat BYU. Winning never gets old :) GO UTES!


  1. I'm a BYU fan myself but, I love the rivalry! So many fun memories.

  2. I live in Las Vegas and I was getting snap chats of the game all night. I was happy to see that the U won even though I got UNLV now...

  3. Awww you cuties

  4. Such a great photo!


  5. I'm a ute fan love them but don't own one...........oh bugga you said Utes not ute so don't think you mean the car, well it's not a car it's a ute.............lol

  6. Here in Ohio we have 'The Game'. My mom and I went to OSU and my uncle went to that school up north bless his heart. Football season is rough. :) Glad your team won!

  7. Such a fun rivalry! My husband was so pissed byu lost. I'm a little upset myself. Even though you guys are wearing he wrong color, this is a cute picture ;)

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