Oh Waterton! Waterton is very dear to my heart because I go there and I feel a connection to my father and my grandfather. My Dad grew up six months out of the year in Waterton, and the other six months in a town just outside of Waterton. My dad along with his father and brothers built a hotel up in Waterton that they ran and managed throughout the season. The stories that come along with it are great! They involved celebrities using their Sauna (they had the only one in all of Waterton) as well as a celebrity, William Shatner, asking my Aunt out on a date. And the best part, all of this was lost on them seeing they were just simple living farm people :) Just outside of Waterton are two towns, Leavitt and Cardston. Leavitt is my maiden name and the town was founded by Great Great Great Great Grandfather. We drove through Cardston where my Dad's house was growing up, and stopped in Leavitt to take a quick picture on our way to Waterton.

Where my Dad lived as a child.

Waterton Lakes National Park is a national park located in the southwest corner of Alberta, Canada, and borders Glacier National Park in Montana. Can you even imagine growing up in a National Park? I mean, it doesn't get much better then that. Except for maybe growing up in San Diego ;)

We got into Waterton in the evening, but didn't let that stop us from going on a hike. We did a midnight hike up Bear's Hump. There is a pretty spectacular view up there from the top, even though the hike itself is incredibly steep! When we got to the top we sat and talked, sharing stories and just enjoyed each others company. We also may have broke the law and lit off some fireworks... 

The next morning we were up bright and early for a ride around town in some surrey bikes! I can only imagine what we looked like, just driving all around like crazy people. Racing each other, pushing each other, being obnoxiously loud. We had a lot a fun on those things to put it lightly!

After some lunch we headed on over to explore Cameron Falls, where all the boys were crazy and jumped in - it is just a tad cold, you know, snow cap water and all. We then headed on a hike to explore even more beautiful water falls and gorgeous views. I wish I had brought my big camera more out with me, but for these hikes it was too much extra weight. Plus, who wants to worry about pictures when there is all that beauty around you?!!


We spent our time in Waterton hiking, swimming, playing tennis, and eating. Don't worry, we had ice cream every day, as well as Waterton Wieners, which are kind of like hot dogs on crack.
The hotel my Dad's family built and owned :)

But if that all wasn't amazing enough, before we left we stopped by the famous Prince of Wales Hotel. Which also hold family history for us. A few greats Grandfather on my father's side brought in the windows and installed them in the hotel when they were first building it. And to make it even more cool, a few greats Grandmother on my mother's side was hired to work there when it first opened as a maid. So it ties in on both sides that beautiful hotel. The view from that hotel is one of my most favorite spots I have ever been. Just beautiful.

Then we swung by a big group of Buffalo as we were driving out, and they were just so beautiful up close. Who knew Buffalo could be beautiful? All of them together, and the stunning scenery behind them. A perfect way to end our time Waterton.

Until next time beautiful Waterton...

Last trip to Waterton here.



  2. Wow, this place looks incredible! So huge and so much nature :)

  3. these are really beautiful photos!!! so precious.


  4. Looks like such such a fun trip!!!

    xo, Courtney

  5. Beautiful! the water is so friggin blue! by the way, im sure she gets it 1000x a day but your brown headed sister looks like katy Perry!

    1. She DOES get it all the time haha Even our family friend who has actually worked with Katy Perry has said that! Haha

  6. That looks lovely! I'm Canadian but have yet to make my way out of Ontario and Quebec. That's so nice that your family has such history and strong roots in that area. Sounds like it was a great family bonding trip!

  7. Amazing! That is the coolest thing ever that your family is so incredibly awesome! And these photos? Right out of a Travel Mag. So beautiful!

  8. Yay so fun that you were in Alberta! Happy you enjoyed yourself :) Love this beautiful province of ours!

  9. Wow love these photos. the waterfall looks stunning and your dad's family must be very capable to run the hotel! :)

  10. You forgot to mention the big black bear we came across on the hiking trail. That was wildlife.

  11. This looks like such an AMAZING trip!!!! Those Canadian National Parks... oh they always take my breath away...

  12. What a great trip you had :) Waterton looks absolutely gorgeous!! I need to plan me a trip there for sure!

  13. WOW! Great pictures, they almost look like a painting!!!

  14. Glad you had a fun vacation! That place looks amazing!!

  15. Wow! Gorgeous photos!!! Looks absolutely amazing! :)

  16. What a gorgeous area! I love the mountains and trees more than anything!

  17. Canada's West is the most beautiful thing. I'm partial to BC, being from there, but the pictures of Waterton Lakes National Park make me want to visit Alberta right this instant!


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