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Last week while getting ready for Church I looked in the mirror and realized I had done an entire 70s get up without even realizing it! Don't mind if I do :)

I needed a new cell phone case, and picked this fun one up from Rifle Paper Co. Love the gold! They have such a fun selection of iPhone cases. Check them out!

A few weeks ago at work we took the students on a little field trip to the Lavender Fields. We got some Lavender ice cream, which to be honest, I was hesitant to try. But it was DIVINE! Who would have though? And I totally wore some purple pants because I knew we were going to the Lavender fields :)

Best post work out snack? Shaved Ice from Hokulia Shaved Ice. They have one in Provo and now Orem too. You guys, condensed milk on top, with ice cream in the middle... it just doesn't get much better then that!

Last weekend Trevor was in town!!! YAY! :) The first night he got in we went to Station 22 in Provo and got their chicken and waffles. You guys, not only is the combo of waffle, fried chicken, bacon and maple syrup just heaven on earth, but it is by far the best fried chicken I have ever had. I need to know how to make their fried chicken!!!! P.S. Trevor is wearing the t-shirt he was wearing the night I first met him :)

I know, I know, enough about the Royal Baby right? I saw a funny thing on Instagram that said, "We fought for Independence so we wouldn't have to care about the Royal baby." Pretty funny. However, I am from Canada, and have always been raised being aware of the Royal family, seeing Canada is a common wealth country and all. So with that said, I am just a teensy bit obsessed with Will and Kate. I think it was so cool that she wore a blue polka dot dress, you know that was intentional. I love that she gave a nod to his mother who isn't here anymore. I love how nice and real they just seem :) So YAY for the Royal Baby Boy!


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  1. Cute outfit for church!!! V^^

  2. Oh man... this food is making me so hungry and smilie. Your life is pretty awesome, in instagram and real life because you are so stinkin great.

  3. what a pretty dress! that ice cream looks delish!

  4. I say keep posting about the royal baby. I'm obsessed as well and not Canadian or English! I just LOVE Kate!

  5. you pulled off the 70s look so well! I don't think I'd ever dare try that on myself, but you rocked it perfectly! It must be that platinum blonde hair ;)

  6. LOVE your 70's look! And I love that Kate and William seem like real people, even with all the obvious "royal" aspects to them, I like them. Though I didn't really care to hear every up-to-the-minute update about the heir to the throne on his birth day lol


  7. Love the last photo. Both kate middleton and Princess Diana are really good role models. They seem nice and down to earth. :))

  8. I'm loving on the royal baby right now too, don't worry, you're not the only one, I love that Kate wore the same kind of dress, that is so sweet!

  9. Love that dress and yay for the Royal Baby!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  10. I'm obsessed with the royal baby and I'm 100% American. :) I loved that Kate honored Diana with the polka dots!

  11. Love your instagram and now your blog! Will and Kate do seem very down to earth!



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