lawyer by day, street performer by night...

Oh where do I even start? When Trevor took the summer associate position in Vegas, he told me he wanted to try some street performing while he was down there. After being with this man for five years now, I have learned not to take anything he says as "just joking." 

One thing I love about Trevor is how he seeks for adventure in all things. So when Trevor sent me a text saying he had just made $4.30 street performing on the streets of Vegas, I wasn't surprised at all. I love how much Trevor loves his music. (here and here) He was so excited about it he decided to go back out that same day once it had cooled off a bit. He played away the whole night, making more money. I wish I could have been there to see him! I can only imagine my husband sitting on the strip and playing his guitar.

At the end of the night he gave all the money he made to a homeless man, who in return took the above shot of him playing. Gosh I love that guy...

People say distance makes the heart grow fonder. After seeing Trevor only three times since May, I don't know if I completely agree. I was so busy the first few months and kept myself really preoccupied with work, trips and friends. However this last month I just became angry. I was just tired of being away from him and wanted him back NOW. Thankfully I got to see him this weekend, which should tie me over for the next two weeks until we will be back together for GOOD :)

I will say one thing about distance, it makes you appreciate things. Little things. I am going to get a little cheesy and just say how lucky I feel to have met such a smart, talented, and unique person. Trevor my love, you keep my life exciting, that's for sure! Keep it up! HURRY HOME! XO


  1. This is the greatest thing, I love that he gave the money to a homeless man too. You're not being cheesy at all, you definitely got a good guy and you deserve to say that.

  2. This is so sweet! Its fantastic that he gave the money to help someone else. Hanna Marie

  3. Aaaawwww.....
    My husband was never away for this long, but his business trips were unbearable at times!!!

    Just 2 more weeks =)))))))))) They will fly super fast =)))

  4. I always liked this phrase better than "absence makes the heart grow fonder" :
    presence strengthens love,
    absence sharpens it.

    So happy you two will be reunited soon!

  5. That is so sweet that he gave the money to a homeless man. It just shows his love for playing !

    I hope these next few weeks fly by for you both!

    Gemma x

  6. You guys are the sweetest couple.

    We spent the last six months on different coasts. It wasn't fun, but it definitely helped me become a lot more independent... I mean, I had to do my own laundry. WHAT?!!!

  7. We lawyers are interesting creatures... though you will not find me street performing :) Hope you two are reunited soon!

  8. This still makes me smile! I wish I could have been there to see him :)

  9. I can only imagine... I bet Trevor was everyone's favorite street performer that night :)
    So glad you only have 2 more weeks of this! You two are amazing!

    1. Your Dad should have joined him! haha That would be a duo!

  10. How great that he gave the money to a homeless person...........

  11. That's kind of awesome!! Hopefully the next 2 weeks fly by, being apart is the worst! Right after we got married my husband spent a couple of months working in Canada for his uncle... it was the worst ever! I feel your pain :P

  12. This is so, so sweet!! Trevor sounds like an amazing man! I'd love to meet him some day :)

  13. I love this. So sweet that he gave the money to a homeless man!

  14. This is just plain awesome! I know the distance sucks, but you are such a good wifey!

  15. He spent his day and night playing music, which he is so passionate about, and then gave all the money he earned away to a homeless man? Oh, my heart! How sweet is that?!


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