meet & greet - shannon hearts

Today I am so excited to introduce you to Shannon from Shannon Hearts The second you head on over to her blog you will see her impeccable style and beautiful fashion posts :) I had so much fun getting to know her better and can't wait to share another great blog for you guys to add to your daily reads... enough with the introductions... let's get to the good stuff!

Interested in a Meet & Greet Feature on my blog? I love finding new blogs to read and am happy to offer a place for others to find each other as well :)


  1. I do love Shannon She's such a sweetie!!!!

    Just love // kelly

  2. I recently met Shannon and already love her:) love that she's planning a veggie garden! I want one:) love hat orange dress in this post. So cute!!!!
    This community is amazing. I agree!!!! Have a great Sunday Alycia:) xoxo Hanna

  3. Shannon is adorable! Great interview!


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