meet & greet - the daily tay!

I am so excited to introduce you guys to someone who will really make you smile when you read her blog :) Taylor blogs over at The Daily Tay and over there you can find her talking about her adorable dog Harlow, talking about her writing endeavors and making you laugh too!

She also blogs over at The Browse a must visit if you are a blogger! Seriously check The Most Indistinguishable Girl in the World. Oh and I love her ABCs of Blogging post :)  Enough introductions, take it away Tayyyy...

Interested in a Meet & Greet Feature on my blog? I love finding new blogs to read and am happy to offer a place for others to find each other as well :)


  1. I read Taylor's blog and I love her sense of humor.. love your blog also, Alycia..enjoy the rest of your weekend..

  2. Alycia! I love how your blog has grown. You are simply fab!!!
    These meet and greets are so much fun. I can't wait to read all about Taylor now!

    just love // kelly

  3. Just became a follower of hers and she is so funny! Love that The Most Indistinguishable Girl in the World post.

    Bonnie Rose
    the Compass Rose

  4. Will check her blog out now, I love discovering new bloggers :)



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