"pining" for winter fashion

Gosh I love fall and winter clothes :) Just threw together some winter fashion items for you today! I always find myself pining for a new closet when I am pinning on pinterest. 

Have you caught the play on words there? Apparently some of you keep on thinking I am misspelling it. But my "pining" series are things I find on pinterest that I am pining for :) get it? okay. thanks.

 via pinterest.

Anything you are "pining" on pinterest? Link up your inspirations!

I have been doing my link ups through the simple add your website to a list style. I think people prefer to have an actual image upload to the link up, but I always hate when blogs have a huge post covered in those images. Thanks to Mrs. E Tells Tales I have learned that I can do a link up and have a scroll bar so it keeps the post clean! Again, I just I hate when blogs have HUGE link ups that take up their whole web page.

So what do you guys prefer? Should I do an image, link up each week at the end of the week? Or keep what I have? I was thinking of making it so you can link up anything, not just pinterest related posts, but just anything you are loving that week that you posted about.

Is this something you guys would want to participate in? I would select "random" so it will constantly change who shows up at the top of the scroll bar! Then the links would stay up all week long.


  1. I have yet to be on Pinterest but I am such a sucker for long socks.

  2. i definitely like the image link better. no one stands out in the text link ups.

    love those boots, and the socks :)
    xo dana

  3. Just found your blog! too cute. I also have a pinterest obsession. It gets kinda out of hand at times. I realize two hours later that I had been pinning the whole time...oops...

  4. oh my gosh i'm addicted to pinterest! i have to stay away or else hours will go by and all i have to show for it is lots of pins on my boards :) i'd love to see a link up! keep us posted!!

  5. i am always so inspired by your fashion pinterest board... you must be tired of all the "chrissy has repinned your image" notifications by now! =)


  6. I love those socks too! Totally pinned them!

    come check us out!

  7. Hi there! I'm honored you stopped by my blog, I've been to yours before and Loved it :) ANd for your info I got your play on words right when I read it so don't worry about it ;) very clever! I have that same pin of the girl in teal/mint pants and that Adorable polka dot sweater, I NEED those pants!!

    The House of Shoes

  8. You got me on pinterest and I love it! Love some of your winter wardrobe ideas.

  9. Inspirational! I love all the stripes and the turquoise socks :D I think I need to get started with Pinterest, I'm just scared to get a bit addicted haha!

    Have a nice weekend! //Niina

  10. I am a Pinterest Pinning fool, I tell you!!! But I like the idea of sharing what we love in general, not just from Pinterest. I'd love for you to follow my Pins if you find them interesting!!! Here's the link:


  11. Haha I love the pining v. pinning confusion. Pinterest has taken over my life. I love stalking your boards, btwz. I'm probably all over my wish list items most of all, but my second favorite is my style board. Some people have the best fashion!!

  12. I think I could pin until the cows come home...love, love, love it and all your winter finds! I like the linking up anything idea for sure!

    Liesl :)

  13. I love the idea of Pinterest but haven't got into it yet. Those winter clothes are lovely tho. I do have a special love for long socks. On me they're always more childlike than sexy, no matter the outfit, but I'm ok with that. Sexy isn't a look I go for often. Good job really. Lol.

    Laura x

  14. i would join in no matter what you decide! but alas, i have no pinterest. :( i love looking at the site & browsing! and looking at other's pins on their blog :)


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