Bijou Market :)

I will never forget when I first moved to Utah and heard about the Bijou Market. Of course I headed down from Salt Lake all the way to Provo just so I could go! They always have such great stuff, and my favorite part about it, is buying stuff that you don't have to pay shipping for! Hurrah!

This year they are taking it up a notch, and they will be having a Bijou Market not only in Provo, but also in Salt Lake City! Read all about the details here. I hope to see you all there! We should probably just make this into a blogger meet up event, who is down?

Emily, one of the amazing women behind this event (who's blog I have been reading since Day 1 of my blogging) is offering you guys such a sweet giveaway today. To spread the love, we will have multiple winners for this giveaway!

Are you ready for this goodness? Here we go.

$100 credit towards a custom wedding invitation design with The Spark Collective
$15 8x10 "You and Me" die cut by AnnMarie Loves Paper
$25 Plush Studio decorative pillow

$6 Bow Trio by Shay Jay

(These vendors agree to ship within the continental US)

How to Enter:
Be a follower of the Blog
 (I do this because people who win should be people who actually read the blog! der)
One Entry

Optional Ways to Enter (Up your chances!)

Tweet about this Giveaway!
mention @alyciagrayce, and @BijouMarket
Second Entry

Blog about this giveaway
(leave a link)
Third Entry

and tell me what items/vendors you are looking forward to seeing!
(fourth entry)

Good Luck!
&if you guys want to get a group together to the Provo one, let me know! I would love to meet some of you guys!

&Speaking of luck... did you win one of the giveaways from last month?

*wipes brow* that was a lot of giveaway winners!


  1. I'm so excited for this! I missed the one in April because I had just moved out here to Utah and was broke.

  2. I follow your blog of course. =)

    {Thank you for following mine. *big smile*}

  3. Oh,that place is awesome.

    I like "Blue Door"

  4. I of course follow your blog!! :)

    and I would LOVE to go to the Market with you :)

  5. Great giveaways! Already following!


  6. I follow you! I wish I was still living in Utah so I could go!

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  8. Here I am posting links didn't work!!
    But I said,
    Your blog is so fun!
    Of course I sent a tweet.
    And blogged. Twice. Once form my private blog, and once from the public one!
    Here's the long URL's since my links failed!

  9. I love the die cut & pillow :) Darling

  10. Follow your blog :)

  11. (follower) Those bows are too cute!

  12. I love your blog and have been following for a while now :) What a fun giveaway! Wish I could be there in person!

  13. I'd love some nursery art for my new niece over at Sugar Fresh.

  14. i visited the bijou market blogi am excited about the madebyjewls shop. love those earings!!

  15. I'm a follower of your blog via GFC, and have been for awhile now :)

  16. and i tweeted about it :) (@_sarahhelena_)

  17. Yowzer - what a giveaway! Love!

    I follow your blog!

  18. I love the little wooden cameras from Twig - such an awesome toy idea!

  19. Follow! I ain't getting married, but those wedding invitations are sa-weet! And I looooooooove bow ties!

  20. Birds of asmae has some awesome water colors over on the website, if I went, I'd love to see those!!

  21. That is the coolest wedding invite ever. I love their baby announcements too!
    That's awesome that your brother comes home from his mission this summer. Where is he at?

  22. Ha! I've been reading the blog for ages but now I can officially follow it :)

  23. Also, I'm looking forward to anything that is from Wendy and Peter. I love their super cute headbands!

  24. i follow! i'm so sad i don't live in utah this year. i love the market! good stuff!

  25. Wow. Love that pillow. Crud, is it this weekend? Alison and I talked about going to it...

  26. i spread the love<3

  27. ohh my! i just got some bows from shayjay and looove them. i wouldn't mind winning a few more!

  28. if i still lived in good old P-town I'd so go with you. I'd love to see Bohemia:)

  29. i love bijou. i am a follower of course.

  30. I'm a follower :) & i'm really excited to see EVERY vendor! :) cant wait to do some damage w/my credit card! :)


  31. i love love the you&me die cut. so pretty!!! love it!

  32. Of course I follow! This is great!

  33. I'm excited to see what The Sewing Nerd has at the Market!

  34. I'm so excited I just found out about this cool blog from fb. I'm hooked now!

  35. your blog is AMAZING!! love the look of it... so darling, and you are so pretty. totally a fan--new follower on google and twitter. hope we can stay connected!! cheers!


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