I had an amazing Thanksgiving :)
...things I am grateful for...

 Turkey Bowl with my family.
 an amazing catch by my hubberz.

 Sisters soaking up some sun on the backyard deck...
 Landon exploring the Pacific Ocean :)
The boys invite friends over & play bored games, video games, all games pretty much all day.
 Ben was putting some pepper on his mashed potatoes. Nothing was coming out so he started shaking it really really hard... hahaha :)
Almost all of my family, and the missionaries shared in Thanksgiving dinner.


  1. That picture of Landen is adorable! OMG!

  2. um...is that a photo of a brother? top photo left side, brown hair?
    is he single?

    am i a total creeper that i just made a statement on here that whoever that guy is, he is handsomeeeeee!


  3. your photographs are amazing and i'm in love with your outfit. too cute!

  4. thanksgiving is the best. how did your get your photos to look like that? they looook amazing! did you use some sort of post editing or is a film camera?

  5. Lovely!! So glad you finally posted your pictures of Thanksgiving! Love you!!

  6. SO... your brother is pretty cute!!! Haha. I'm assuming he's your brother, he looks just like you. Well... just saying, cute.

  7. Such cool photos...love the black and white. so fun!
    xxx to you- glad to find your blog.

    PS- Come enter in my giveaway!

    Emily from EL Vintage

  8. Your family looks amazing!!! I love spending holidays surrounded by family, there is nothing better!

  9. Loved all your pictures, and it looks like it was a lovely Thanksgiving!

    Liesl :)

  10. okay WHAT board game is that?? i have to know. it looks amazing. also, your family is gorgeous! i'm glad you had an amazing thanksgiving. all of your pictures are glorious :)

  11. Your pics look so neat! You should do a photography tutorial asap! :)

  12. awww such a cute post!! i love the editing of the pictures too :) it makes it look 1940's esque but with current clothes.

    you and your sisters look beautifullll and your brother?? gorg haha you prob don't want to hear that, but it's true!

    <3, brooke

  13. Top picture, mr lefty, heyy :) you're cute . I'm just sayin. :)

    Looks like a warm and fun thanksgiving!

  14. So jealous that you could be in a bathing suit outside over Thanksgiving! That looks heavenly.

  15. Love the pics. I can't help but notice there was a Cougars tee as well as a U (of U) tee in there. That must be fun.

  16. i'm loving these photos as well. if it's an action, you must spill the beans. cause i need it.


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