...all that glitters

Not the best picture, but you get the idea :)

So the other day I was watching the Victoria's Secret Fashion show.
I am always in awe of the costume/fashions they create and enjoy the artists that play and just the whole show in general. Wouldn't it be amazing to go to one?
Theatrics and Fashion at its best.
Besides being envious of their bodies, something else caught my eye on the runway.
A pink studded, glitterfied (is that word?) Lacrosse stick!

For those of you who don't know, I started playing Lacrosse when I was 14.
I fell in love with it and have since played on club teams at the University of Utah and in San Diego.
I also coached a high school girls Lacrosse team.

Basically.... I want this stick!
The only problem is one actual check to that stick during a game would make all those
studs fly right off. So I am sure the refs wouldn't allow you to use it in an actual game play.
But still... just to have and look at it would be worth it :)


  1. haha! i love with all the crazy stuff going on during that show you honed in on the lacrosse stick! funny.

  2. You would notice the lacrosse stick :) An interesting prop during a fashion show that's for sure.

  3. i adore the show, every single year! but i didn't even notice that lacrosse stick - pretty cute!

  4. i have big time admiration for any woman that can play sports - i think i checked out when God was passing out all the cool sports genes to the girls :)

  5. you could rock that!
    just dunk the stick in superglue after the jewels are in place...it'd work....right?! :)

  6. the entire show was so cute right? some of the stuff is a little out there for me, but on the whole I loved it! I'm not even a lacrosse player and I want that stick!

  7. That is awesome! I didn't even notice that until now? I loved that they incorporated sports into the fashion show this year. I adored it as my envy still grew about the model's perfect bodies. Haha. I hope you do get a glitter Lacrosse stick! Have an awesome day! :)

  8. you should try and make a glitter Lacrosse stick :) I bet it would look awesome when you're playing!

  9. This reminds me of when you described your dream car of the pink mini cooper, and that Chinese girl in front of us told us to shushhhhh!

  10. hehe i wrote a post about this (http://mariel-torres.blogspot.com/2010/11/perfect-way-to-start-season.html)... I just love to watch this! definitely one of my holiday "traditions" ;)

  11. you played? that's awesome!

    my schools growing up never had such a thing, in fact i have zero idea how such a sport is played. :)

  12. Anything that sparkles is good in my book :)

  13. LOL! As little as she's wearing, I'm surprise the lacrosse stick got noticed :) I nearly kill myself each day working out, and I'd never get that body! Please tell me it's airbrushed!!! :)

    (36 year old fulltime RVer living la vida loca with a cute-butt husband and a stink-butt dog!)

  14. this made me giggle :D
    love your blog. it's a fun read! I came across it from a mutual friend's page. I'm now your latest Follower!!
    hope you can swing by and say HI sometime soon x

  15. I just wanted to say that you have a wonderful blog! This is my first time here, had to drop a little note :) You and your husband look so in love!

    - the runaway

  16. I wanted to watch the show but for some reason I missed it :( That stick is awesome though. I have never seen them pull sports into one of the shows before that would have been so fun to watch!!

  17. i love that stick. hate that a sluty victoria secrets model had to hold it.

  18. Haha, I don't play lacrosse, but If I did, I'd definitely want a sparkly one. That is just perfect.

    Kristine. Or Polly.

  19. Oh goodness. Loving that lacrosse stick! Totally agree that it wouldn't survive a game, but it would make a great first impression on the other team. Intimidation factor, high. Your blog is so sweet!

  20. I loved watching this show! great blog!i


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