First things First...

So yesterday was a day of "Firsts."
Yesterday was the first SNOW FALL of winter! 
(Up here in Salt Lake anyways)
AHH! It was lightly falling all day, and then at night it was coming down pretty hard.
Before we went to bed I looked out the window and said to Trevor, "It looks like Narnia outside!"

 (Okay so it wasn't this magical outside... but you get the idea)

So walking to my 7:30AM Spin Class in the freezing cold was a blast...yay.

On a happier note, the other "First" that happened yesterday was that
I applied for graduation. Did you hear that correctly... GRADUATION?!
I didn't really think too much of it, but after having my advisers sign off the form and then handing it in...well it felt pretty darn good. Better then good. Better then I thought it would feel.
I was a little surprised with how excited I got over it to be honest, haha.
Graduation just feels so real and obtainable now, and so close :)

Anyways, Halloween is just around the corner!
Last year I tried to get creative and made some Mummy Dogs.
I think if you have kids or nieces or nephews this is something they would LOVE and could have for lunch or dinner.
It is also something super simple kids could help out with and have fun making with you.

 (Just get some Pillsbury bread sticks and wrap the dough around the hot dogs and add eyes with mustard or ketchup!)

 When it comes to impressive and creative food, I always go to Bakerella!
She is where I got my amazing cream cheese frosting and red velvet cake recipe from (I added the cheesecake!) The one I made for Trevor, remember?
If you are going to a Halloween party this year, here are some other really fun and cool treats you can make.
This is when I wish we had a bigger apartment, so I could throw a party, just for an excuse to make loads and loads of awesome treats and food like this!


  1. the mummy dogs are such a good idea!

    and CONGRATS on applying for graduation!


  2. Congrats of filing for Graduation, that is so exciting!! The mummy dogs are adorable, I may have to make them for my kiddos.

  3. So jealous you guys got snow! Ok maybe I wouldn't be if I lived there...but I'm just dying to visit the snow! and Yay on almost graduating!

  4. MMM I'm incredibly hungry now after reading your post

  5. I can't believe you already had your 1st fun! And those little mummy hot dogs are adorable...I must make these!!!

    Liesl :)

  6. SNOW?! I totally envy you right now! hehe

    those mummy dogs are really cute :)

  7. Thanks so much! I have to take some treats to a party and I would've done something boring like chips, but now I'm inspired! Thanks!

  8. Alycia, first of all... thanks for your birthday wishes.

    You are right, Bakerella is always a great source for amazing treats. I just bought her cake pops book and plan to make the little ghosty pops for a halloween party.

  9. I love Bakerella! I told my husband yesterday that I wish we had a "party house" instead of a small NYC studio apartment! He told me to have patience and that day will come. :) I don't think I can wait till then!

  10. I'm yout 500th follower! Thought that was pretty cool :)

    Those mummy dogs, I have to admit, are really cute. I will definitely visit that website!

  11. SDSU makes graduation applications online now, so it doesn't feel as exciting to actually physically turn it in :( but congrats!!

    and i love bakerella. i wish i had her skills.

  12. haha! Those hot dogs are awesome :-)

    Look at all those fun treats, ahhh love this time of year and the festivities on the blogs!

  13. the mummy dogs are adorable! i love festive foods!

  14. Congrats on graduation application and those mummy dogs are so adorable....I need to try them:)
    Kisses and have a lovely day

    Ps: I am hosting a headband GIVEAWAY today! Please, join in!

    (I bet you will love it)

  15. Bakerella has such awesome Halloween recipes! I really like the spider cookie one.

  16. Snow?! Already? Wow, that seriously amazes me. Yesterday it hit 90 here in Alabama. NINETY! That was unusual of late it's been in the 80's.
    I can't wait until it cools down more!
    Enjoy the snow for me!

    *also-this was my first time commenting. :) I discovered you about a month ago & think your blog is precious!

  17. I am so doing mummy dogs for my Halloween party this Friday!!

    I could not imagien snow right now... thats crazy!!

  18. YAY for graduation!!! I am so proud of you :) You always find cute things to do. It reminds me of some of the things I did for you kids when you were younger. Before the internet I had some fun books and magazines with ideas. Still have them :)

  19. Love the mummy dogs! Very cute!

    Yay for graduation! That's so exciting. Congrats!

  20. graduating is the best feeling ever...and then reality sets in. and you only pray you can find an awesome job. but in this market...its hard. but youre done with school so thats all that mattters!!

  21. Mummy dogs! Cute! Yay for graduation!

  22. You're heading to graduation - wahoo!
    I adore the mummy dogs - must give that a whirl.

  23. Snow already?! I love Salt Lake but I think I'd hate all the cold and snow heh :)

    Those mummy dogs are adorable, and I love the spider creations!

  24. Yay for snow!

    Wish we could get some here.

    Lol at the mummy dogs! Hahaha. Great idea.

  25. It snowed in SLC? I sure hope it doesn't snow down here in Cedar City for a while! I also made mummy dogs last year! They are so easy, cute, and incredibly delicious!

  26. Thank you for stopping by and for wishing us well.

    I hope that we are feeling better soon. My husband is now sick as well. :(

    We are under our first Frost Adivsory of the season, but no snow yet. I love the first snow of the season. Always makes me feel like a little kid.

  27. When I saw snow on the ground this morning I wanted to cry. haha seriously though it came WAY too soon. But maybe it was because I had to be at school at 6:30AM and was NOT looking forward to trudging out in the stuff.
    Those mummy dogs are the cutest!

  28. Oh I would love some snow! It was 81 degrees here yesterday...yuck.

    And congrats on graduation!! That is WAY exciting!

    {PS Did I read a while back that your husband took the LSAT? My husband is in his second year of law school now, and I remember how stressed he was taking that test! Hope your hubby did well!!}

  29. Thank you for stoppin by my blog and thank you so much for your sweet comment!!! I love your blog!! o how i wish it would snow here in Arkansas!! Ya Right!!! it will probly not even snow here in January!!!

  30. holy eff. mummy dogs is a whole new approach to the pig in the blanket. my husband will DIE when i show him this. get it? it's halloween, dead things are spooky....

  31. my husband just walked past while i was looking at the hotdog mummies and he said.. i want those in my belly now.


  32. the mummy dogs are so cute and look super delicious!

  33. Snow? Already? WHOA! Haha. Congratulations on applying for graduation! SO exciting. :) Those mummy dogs are AMAZING!!!!!!!

  34. Congrats on your graduation application-so exciting! Thanks for checking out my blog, you have a new GFC follower :-)

  35. First snowfall?!?! It's still 70 and sunny where I am! Not sure I'd be ready to deal with snow yet... although it is November...

  36. I love the Narnia picture! I wish it would snow here.. but we're lucky if we get one snowfall per year! :[


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