Fall Flab...

 (Christmas 2008, Trevor and I made "Look A-Like Cookies" after the Holiday Dance at the Salt Lake City Capital...don't you think he got my lace dress pretty good on the ginger bread girl? haha)

I have always been able to loose weight quickly. Now before you go hating me for that.... I gain weight even faster! &I am well aware that someday, I won't loose quickly but I will continue to gain quickly, haha. Since moving to Utah I have noticed something about myself around fall and the holidays. During the months of October through December, I always seem to put on some extra pounds.
With it being so cold outside, I am...
1. Less willing to be active. I grew up in San Diego where it is warm all year round, and so going outside and being active is never an issue when it comes to the weather.
2. Because of how cold it gets, I am covered up in pants, leggings, boots, jackets and scarves. It is easy to not worry so much about what shape your body is in when no can actually see it, haha (then spring rolls around and I put on my cute dresses and look like a sausage coming out of its casing!)
3. FOOD. I love it, but who doesn't? Food acts as my stress reliever sometimes, and when I get down because of the weather, or stressed out from midterms and finals... I eat. The best foods come out around November and December....yummy HOLIDAY FOOD! Because I have already had the month of October (yummy Halloween treats) to put on some weight, I always feel like, "Oh well!" &I just eat whatever I want during November and December. I mean I always use the rationing that it is inevitable, and hey I can wear a big coat and less people will notice the extra 5 pounds. Right? I just don't care at that point and stuff my face around the holidays.
So then January rolls around and I notice the damage that has been done. It is all about a new year and I make the goal to get back in shape, but it isn't really until February that I really start to get my butt back into shape. I always get back to my regular weight in about a month, but I hate that this happens EVERY year around this time. So I have made a goal to not have this happen (again.)
With that said... I have been trying to switch things up from my regular running at the gym. I have been trying yoga, and a couple weeks ago I did something crazy. I will preface this by saying I am NOT a morning person! Just ask my dad who had to wake me up for early morning seminary at 5:30 everyday in high school.... which makes me think I am crazy but I signed up for a Spin class that is twice a week at....are you ready? 7:30AM to 8:30AM! BAH! 
Although I am not a morning person, I would like to be. I always feel so much more accomplished with my day when I am "early to bed, and early to rise". This class starts next Monday and runs through December. I am taking it for credit so I will be forced to get off my butt and go to it.... even on those extremely cold winter mornings.
I know I am going to hate it at first, and well to be honest, I will hate it probably every morning I have to get up and go outside in the freezing weather BUT I know it will be worth it. I know I will feel great after, and that maybe this constant working out throughout my "gaining" months will help break my cycle... cycle, get it? haha okay bad joke.
What are some of your health goals?
&it is good timing too, because we have eaten WAY too much red velvet cheesecake around here...&I am feeling it...


  1. I did the bicycle at the gym yesterday for about 10 minutes and my butt and legs still hurt! I can't imagine an hour. Yikes! Haha.

  2. I am feeling the same way! Putting on winter weight! I havent been to the gym in a month, and boy can i tell! I also do yoga.. and i love spin! My day is so much healtier after spin, becuase darnit, if i didnt just work so hard.. that im not gonna mess it up! Good luck with it... its tough on the tushy at first.. but gets easier!

  3. hey girl! i have done those classes before and they are killer! i was in a class that met once a week. it made my butt hurt sooooo bad at first...but then i got used to it! haha! good luck! you look great regardless! :)

  4. haha so... i was so excited about the cake that i went searching until i found one that looked delicious.
    Anyways. I made it. Check it out (if you want to that is :))


    oh and i totally know what you mean.
    Although i gain weight somewhat "easily" i can lose it pretty quickly (like getting back down to my normal weight), but i CANNOT get lower than 150, no matter how hard i try. I was a competitive swimmer in high school and we swam like 4 miles a day and my weight seriously never went below 150. Sooo annoying

    What i'm doing is the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred.. it's so hardcore, im sweating within like 5 minutes of it starting.

  5. The gingerbread is adorable:)haha..Really sweet! I am not a morning person as well and I love to work late...So what I do is each day around noon I go swimming for an hour...By now I just take it as one of the things I need to do each day...But if for some reason I miss it, my whole day is blah...hahah
    I bet you will do great...Just give yourself time:)

    Ps: I am hosting a sweet GIVEAWAY today :) Hope you will join in :)!!!

  6. i tell myself everytime i eat something ridiculously tasty (aka ridiculously bad for me) that i'm going to head out to the gym, but i'm still too embarrassed about the time i did stairmaster for 5 minutes and almost passed out.

    recurring nightmares.

  7. This is so beautiful! Love those cookies :) My goal is to finally quit coffee... I've been on and off coffee this year and I truly want to quit drinking it. So difficult when you work from home and have a baby :S

  8. Good for you. I need to follow your example.

  9. Well first I suppose my husband and I need to nip the bad habit of never sleeping. Since we are both either in school or at work during the day we WANT TO HANG OUT when we come home. Our normal bed time is between 1-3am. Its AWFUL! We can't help it though because all we want to do is play when we see eachother after a long day. So I guess we will have to start with getting a healthy amount of sleep first. But I know this whole new marriage thing has been a burden on both of our weights. Eeek!!! Anyway, we have P90X in our living room staring us down to start it each time we walk in there. Hmmm...I wish we could start that soon.

  10. i love your blog. how fun! i'm glad you found mine. you and your husband are so stinkin cute (plus you go to the u, i'm a little jealous of that one!). but yeah i agree with you, my husband and i keep telling ourselves we are going to start running again....hopefully we will someday soon!

  11. good for you on signing up for the class! i wish i didn't have to leave for work at 7 in the morning, i would love to workout before work!
    i have been making it to the gym 4-5 times a week although it just never seems to be enough. what can i say, i LOVE food!! ;) going to the gym at least makes me feel better about myself and i love the routine i have of actually going.
    best of luck with your class hun! :)

  12. Thanks for the comment on my blog! My desire right now is to 'simply' get off my soda addiction! ha I say 'simply' because it hasn't yet been simple for me to give up my daily caffeine!
    Have fun at your spin class! I'll think of you as I grab a few more zzzzzzz's =)

  13. funny funny, good luck ... it was great talking to you yesterday!

  14. alycia
    oh how i LOVE spin class. its a killer. love it though. you go girl!!

    something i've been doing that helps me tons cuz im the same way as you over the holidays- and i love to eat way too much. but look into using myfittnesspal.com its AWESOME. i have loved it so far and lost a few lbs! totally just makes you aware of what your eating and working out etc. and its FREE.

    you look fabulous tho! so cute!


    ps love the ginerbread men :)

  15. OOOO Thanks Ashley, I just signed up and made an account :)

  16. my health goals would be to... drink less coffee and eat less deepfried foods? im gonna be needing alittle more than just determination!! >.^

    i procrastinate exercising too, i'd blame it on the cold sometimes, but mainly just laziness. i like to snuggle in bed and just do nothing.yoga sounds GOOD! i love yoga =D

    p.s. i just saw the 1st of your 2 wedding videos; so beautifully filmed... love ur smiles!

    love, mica

  17. Your blog is so cute, just like those gingerbread cookies! :) I'm not really a morning person either, often stay up late and sometimes am more productive because it is quiet then, when most are sleeping...hehe! However, I too feel more accomplished when I am up in the morning and you have so many more hours to the day that way! :)

    Liesl :)

  18. I just found your blog which lead me to your etsy shop! I am so happy to have found it. Can't wait to get paid tomorrow and make my first purchase from you!

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  19. I am the same way!! I come from Arizona which is way lamer but just as warm as San Diego. Probably warmer actually. So I loathe the winter and have the same "I gain weight during the winter" thing. Ugh. So good job for fighting it! I don't know how I will this winter. Probably should find myself a good spin class or something too :)

    Or I can just gorge on delicious things like red velvet cheesecake. Either way.

  20. oh man, you and me both woman. thats why i have been going sugar free for 4 weeks than take a treat. because if not i think oh one cookie is ok. oh this Halloween treat wont hurt. but then January comes around and i cant even wear normal clothes. thats awesome your taking a class in the morning! good for you! i wish i could do that haha

  21. i wish i didnt love food.
    being thin would be so much easier!

    i'd like to surgically remove taste buds from my tongue.
    perhaps that'd solve things.

  22. You guys are THE CUTEST!
    And I love your cookies. What a fun idea.

  23. yep. yep.

    be careful though, i used to be the same way until i hit 21 and then 25 became even harder to loose the weight, and now i've developed terrible eating habits.

    ugh. it's all crap isn't it?

  24. Whilst I admire your drive to become more healthy: you are one crazy lady!
    1) Spinning is hell - I'm not joking. In fact I dedicated an entire post to my hatred of the terrible exercise!
    2) 7:30-8:30?!?!?! I didn't even know that time existed! ;) haha!

    No, in all seriousness, good for you!

  25. way to go!

    i do the same thing. the holiday season kills me. too much good food.

    but i CAN'T gain any this season. because i've already got extra post-baby weight to lose. ahhh.

    good luck!


  26. Your gingerbread couple is so cute! :) Instead of gaining weight when school is in session, I gain weight when I go home (winter and summer, so during the holidays as well). I miss all of my local food, and my dad cooks the best meals. haha, way better than cafeteria food! Anyway, I used to work out on a regular basis but I always get unmotivated when I don't exercise for a while. =/ You always look wonderful, but good luck on achieving your goals for yourself! :)

  27. Well with having gestational diabetes I've been forced to stay on a strict diet. However as soon as this baby is out of me, and I've been given the ok....I'm having a nice big slice of cake and a few of my favorite goodies that I've been craving and am not allowed to touch. Then I'll be back on the health foods kick since I will be feeding two and I can just imagine what sugar overload would do to an infant.

  28. you can do it!!! i'm struggling lately because i have to get up so dang early for my new job, i've got to get into a new schedule. once you have a good routine down you can do anything!

  29. Aawww, what cute cookies! Love your lace dress!
    I hate going to the gym when it is dark out and with the sun rising later and setting earlier, it's SO hard to be motivated. But having someone to go with really helps me get there at least three times a week. All my goals are small and once I accomplish them, it's easier to keep making and reaching new ones.

  30. That's awesome- good for you! I never work out... I need to work on that. :p

  31. yuuumm your gingerbread men look so good! nom nom xx

  32. i agree it is a lot harder to work-out when the weather gets cooler. i love to run, but it's so easy to talk myself out of going when it's freezing outside!

    p.s. those gingerbread cookies are darling!

  33. I actually do better going to the gym in the winter because there's less to do- in summer we're traveling, or at the park, or some fair. In the winter there's nothing else to do so we head over to the gym.

    But I do sorta curse you for loosing weight quickly :)

    P.S. Love the gingerbread people!

  34. Good luck! My goal is just to keep running a priority even with school/work getting crazy!

  35. Those are the most awesome gingerbread men/women i've ever seen. And the biggest!! Awesome postxx

  36. thanks for the comment and your guesses! haha, clowns! not a bad idea, but not what we're dressing up as. luv your blog & headbands!


  37. The same thing happens to me every year! I just started jogging two days ago and even though I always promise myself I will start working out, I NEVER keep it up. So I'm glad you wrote this post because it is a motivation!

  38. LOVE the gingerbread man and woman!!
    I have thought about a spin class, but I hate waking up early to torture myself with exercise. Good luck with keeping the weight off, I am trying to do the exact same thing.

    PS thanks for stopping by my blog!!

  39. aw thankyou for stopping by Alycia, it means alot and thankyou for the lovely comment!
    Im hungry now after seeing these pictures, it's been years since i've had a ginger bread man!

  40. yummie !
    nice blog! Come Follow me and I will follow back!


  41. hi!
    i love your blog. so beautiful pictures.


  42. Girl, I totally feel your pain. My butt loves being big and fights me tooth and nail to stay that way. Fall is my hardest time too. Sigh. I better go do a pilates video...

  43. I'm an early to bed, last to rise kinda girl! Haha. I love me some sleep!

    Currently, I run 4 times a week & crosstrain three. This is all prep for a half-marathon in Jan. But after that I plan to do other type exercises & let off running for a second.

    LOVE holiday food! Worth the pounds.

  44. I love this! It's so true, and UGH why do I love food so much! I hate these puffy months for that reason exactly. I have always wanted to try a spin class though..i think i will! Now with this Vegas weather I guess I have no excuse.. Good luck with your classes! Here's to being SKINNTY!!!!

  45. Girl you look great as you are! But more power to you... kick some butt with your workout sessions! Good luck staying active and eating healthy:-)


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