So with wrapping up midterms, papers due, my new spin class at 7:30 am, and an ever growing to-do list....I feel like I am drowning in responsibility!
Remember the days when we begged to stay up late (like 9pm was late HA!) like a "big" kid?
When all we had to worry about was some easy peasy spelling homework and a project that when you think back...was actually kind of fun?
Elementary and Middle School were the dream, right?
High School wasn't too bad either. I mean you gained more responsibility, yes, but for the most part, high school is simply just fun. At least my experience was.
But moving out of the house, going to college, paying for rent, books, tuition, food, gas, so on and so on.
Hard classes, feeling like you have been in school for a million years, midterms, finals, and all the dramas of "real life."
Bah! When does the easier part come?
Can you all tell I have Senioritis or what?!

P.S. I may have stuffed some toilet paper in my shorts this morning
to cushion my bum bum during Spin :) HA.


  1. Ohh I remember those good times..But believe me it will get easier:)
    Hugs and kisses

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  2. The good times when all we wanted to do was grow up, what were we thinking. Good luck, I don't know if it ever gets easier. Just when I think I have a handle on everything I have to do something throws it way out of balance again. And then you work to get your head above water again. You come to appreciate the days when you have nothing to do.

  3. Hang in there! You are almost done! I hope your toilet paper doesn't fall out or bunch up funny so that person behind you wonders why your backside is deformed!!

  4. This made me smile :D i love that shot of you too!
    great blog!
    loving the posts
    stop by some time xx
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  5. wonderful pic but i regret to tell you that college is the best part and the working life needs muuuuuccch more responsibility so enjoy the ride! :)

  6. being a grown up does suck (esp on mondays). why don't you get some of those mountain biking shorts with the pads built in? probably more expensive than charmin but much more efficient!
    oh & love your heart sunnies!

  7. Ha, love the cushioning your bum with toilet paper. Genius plan! I know where you're coming from with the responsibility! It gets a bit scary if you think about it too much!! xx

  8. genius idea about the toilet paper!

  9. CUTE SUIT! I laughed at the toilet paper hahah & I feel your senioritis pain!

  10. what an awesome picture!! looking back, i can't believe i ever thought high school was hard at times!! this post is right on. super funny :)

  11. The TP is brilliant! Did it help?

  12. I stayed up until 12 watching Teen Mom and I feel like CRAPOLA today. I hear you. :( being a grown up sucks!

  13. hehe this was such a cute post!! Love the photo. :) Hope all of your midterms went well!!

  14. HAHA! I knew it would bruise! Next week you won't even feel it :) (I love being able to comment FINALLLLY!)

  15. cute picture!! i am feeling the same way. totally drowning in everything that is going on..boo. hopefully things get better for you :) good luck with spin.

  16. i am with you on the school work. midterms have been a killer this semester. good for you that it is almost over! i still have one more week of it. :( and that is tooooo funny about the toilet paper! i remember feeling that way! i love spinning though! such a workout! you go alycia!

    It's super duper cute :)

    Cushion your bum bum? oh how clever!

    You're lucky you are a Senior! I SHOULD be, but I'm behind!

  18. I just love this blog, it's full of optimism and fun :) and this pic is so cute :)) I tried the same glasses when we were on holiday this year! Thanks for the lovley comment on my blog and for finding me so i can follow you :))


    Just Cake Girl :))

  19. I think life just gets harder and harder, it just seems that middle and high school was easy because those are in the past. I'm sure college will seem easy once it is all over and you have moved on to something harder. I like the top of your blog.

  20. your blog is so stinkin cute.

    ps..LOVE the ps

  21. Cool picture, where did you take it? Hang in there, you're almost done.

  22. BAHA!!! Padding your bum with toilet paper is the most hilarious thing I've ever heard. Your blog looks fantastic, I'm going to be taking a position helping a friend in the navy and I have to design a blog for their unit. Maybe you could help me?! Mine stinks.

  23. omg toilet paper???? hahaha!!!!!

  24. aw i sympathize with your stress :(
    but dont worry, you're almost finished!

    lol, & the toilet paper trick, i must try that haha!
    just as long as it doesnt manage to trail from my shorts as im walking.

    im a new follower :D
    i hope my blog inspires you to follow back ;]

    <3 dennica pearl
    - through the eyes of a pearl
    - vintage shop

  25. hey girl! your new blog looks pretty! oh and i hope your bum feels better! that is so painful...but it will get better! :0

  26. Hiya! I'm new to blogging so I've been just looking around and I think you're blog is adorable.

    I'm in college to so I completely understand. Unfortunately I'm not a senior yet, senioritis would be aHmazing about now haha.

  27. i have always wanted to try spinning...but im too chicken. i don't think i would last very long.
    haha. good thinking with the toilet paper.

    good luck with your case of senioritis :)

  28. Awesome picture! I want to join a spin class-- is it as good of a release as I've heard? & kudos to you for still finding time to exercise even while feeling overwhelmed. It's such a great thing, isn't it?

    & THANK YOU for the comment!!

  29. I have senioritis too sister! If you find any remedies that help please pass them along. :)
    Middle school was definitely not a dream for me but I totally agree with you about elementary school. Field Day, kickball at recess, bomb.com Halloween and Christmas parties, oh boy do I miss it.
    I love your swimsuit by the way.

  30. really cute picture and a nice sunglass :D

    maybe you want to follow me
    i will follow you too


  31. i miss you elem school too. the excitement over the first day of school and making sure you had your new school clothes all laid out the night before. fun times. in college i wore sweats to class a lot {and i still found me a man, yeah what!}. hope it all goes well for you!!


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