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I went to a funeral today. This funeral was for a friend. We weren't best friends or anything... but we sure knew each other. We knew each other enough that it really hit me... I was in total and complete shock. I met him originally through his brother, who I became really good friends with my freshman year of college. When I transferred to the University of Utah I was surprised to see him in so many of my classes. Turns out we were in the same field of study. I remember being so shocked because him and his brother looked like twins, just so much alike! It was really through school that we got to know each other. Every time I would see him we would catch up for a bit, I would ask him how is family was doing and his brother, and after two years of having classes with each other we even started to share more personal things. We became friends.
I have only ever known two people that were significantly close to me, that have died. Each were way too young to leave this world, and both died in unusual, tragic accidents. The similarities of these two deaths really shook me. What really scares me is how affected I have been by these two people who have passed. If I get like this now... what would it be like to loose a parent? a sibling? a child?

I honestly can't even imagine it. I don't want to imagine it. Just thinking about it makes me upset and cry.

Death always makes things so real. It brings you back into reality for a moment that makes you realize what is important in life. The sad thing is... time will pass, and we all will go back to worrying and stressing over things that really just don't matter. I have been so consumed lately with worrying about mynute things. Now all I can think about is my family, and how much I love them &don't want anything to happen to them. I do have comfort in my belief that families can be together forever after this life... and that does help the pain, but if anyone has lost anyone... it still hurts.

My heart goes out to the Wright family, who when I met them showed me amazing hospitality &had such genuine kindness. Who raised two amazing sons, which both have always been such stand up guys and reliable friends. Eric left this world too soon, and my only sadness is what the world will miss out on in his absence.


  1. So very sad. I'm glad you could go to the funeral to support Ian and because of your friendship with Eric as well. Thanks for sharing with me how it went. I love you! P.S. I'm still smiling thinking how Ian kept calling you 'sunshine' all day today. That is the perfect nickname for you and probably why you love yellow so much - because you are a ray of sunshine. :)

  2. i am so sorry to hear about your friend :(
    i will be thinking about you and praying.
    i hope you have a great labor day weekend hun!

  3. Sorry for your loss!
    It is crazy how fast life can be taken!
    And how consumed you get in everyday life.
    Count your blessing daily!
    He's with God now but will watch over you & bless your life in many ways.

  4. Sorry about your friend :( May he rest in peace!

  5. It really is sad how we worry so much about trivial things and so easily take for granted the important things. Have I told you lately how much I love you?

  6. Super sorry to hear about your friend. A couple weeks ago I went to a funeral of one of my friends and I felt the same way. It just hits you in a way that going to your great aunt's funeral that you never knew really could.

    At the funeral, they shared this quote from Russel M. Nelson. "The only way to take sorrow out of death is to take love out of life." That really hit me. And now, I'll appreciate the sorrow I feel about losing friends/family because I would never give up one ounce of the love I feel for them.

  7. This is so heartbreaking. I can't imagine losing someone like that in yuor life so young and so full of a future.

  8. I'm sorry to hear about Eric. Death is always a shocking reminder of the fragility of humans and of life. I can only hope that the reminder sparks passionate living of others.

  9. Lycia! I am so sorry! Doug works at my work, it's been so sad at work this whole week!

    Death is the hardest thing I have dealt with my life... if you need to eat, or talk, or SHOP let me know!

    P.S. I liked your comment on burritos. Whenever I eat a carne asada burrito at the taco stand I think of you!

  10. So after you commented on my blog (thanks for the complements, you are so sweet!) I had to check out yours. I read this post and I totally know how you are feeling. I've had several people pass on that I've been close to and it really is a reality check. You realize what is truly important. For me its my family, and after reading some of your posts it looks like family is just as important to you.
    Your blog is super cute and I love your ETSY shop, you've got talent. Since I know have a little girl I've been trying to make fun things but nothing compares to what you make/sale, I'll just have to keep practicing. Thanks again and glad you found my blog.

  11. I'm so sorry to hear about this. :( It's so horrible when someone is taken away so suddenly and before their time. I read the link about him and I felt a little bit of loss too, and I didn't even know him! I've had a couple friends pass suddenly as well, I know the shaken feeling!! My heart goes out to his family, and friends.

  12. Ohhh I am so sorry,sweetie
    Its crazy to think, how fast we can loose people we care for.

  13. Death is incredibly hard to grasp. Especially when it's someone young. I lost my best friend at 18, and had the hardest time wrapping my mind around the fact that she was here one day and gone the next.

    Thank heavens for the knowledge that we will see our loved one again. It's the only thing that makes death easier.

    Sorry for you loss.

  14. How very sad...I've lost a friend too - way too soon, and you're right. It hurts down deep in your core. Makes you draw those people in your life very close and makes you want to hold onto them very tight! Thank you for sharing this, and reminding us to stop sweating the small stuff. If only we could keep an eternal perspective on things, how much fuller (is that a word?) and more joyful our lives would become! Sending up a little prayer for you today friend...

  15. So sorry for your loss. I too have lost 2 friends in accidents and the pain gets easier with time but it never leaves. Death is a part of life but it's the worst part.

  16. that was very well written Alycia


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