Vulcan City... the "Mecca" for Trekkies!

Those of you who know my Dad, know that he is a BIG Trekkie. He has all the collectible Christmas tree ornaments and has seen every episode of Star Trek, and all the series that came after, Starship Enterprise, Deep Space Nine, Voyager to name a few. His family owned a hotel in Canada where the actor who played Captain James. T Kirk came in. He was able to meet him, and Captain Kirk even asked his sister out on a date :) haha
Needless to say, I grew up watching Star Trek at night, because, well that is what my Dad was watching. At first I would complain because I would have rather watches something else, but then I started getting into it. You start to know what is going on. I was predisposed to be a trekkie. I didn't even have to try, I just know alot about Star Trek because it was all around me growing up. Nerdy, yes. But every family has its quirks. So when we found out there was a a city named Vulcan not too far away from Calgary and they had a whole Star Trek thing going on there, we couldn't resist. I really wish Trevor had been able to go on this trip to Canada with us, because he would have died to see us all at this place. My dad was in Star Trek heaven and the rest of the family thought it was pretty cool too since we know all the characters and story lines. It was an entertaining day to say the least, and we had a lot of fun running around this hole in the wall town that had little Star Trek Spots, with murals of Star Trek characters, and even places to put your head and take a pictures, haha all around the the town. It was a blast!

 Me with a pair of some original Spock ears!

Me and Captain Kirk

Brandon as Wharf!

Me and Dad with the Original Spock

Me with the "newer" Spock

Two Classic Characters that I love from the shows.

Some Vulcan Sisters :)

Sorry Trevor...

We ate dinner at the "Enterprise" Restaurant.... hahahaha
Me and My Dad
The original Spock's hand print

Yes..... this is my family. HAHAHA :)



  1. Hahaha...I love this post!!!! Its so nice that your whole family enjoys time together...It looks like so much fun:)

    Kisses,sweetie and have a great Monday:)

    See you soon

  2. Ha!Ha! Dad really did have a great time didn't he? Too bad we don't have Grandpa in the picture.

  3. HAHA Woooooow... That is too funny.


  4. These photos are too cool!!

    I have a trekkie card collection!


  5. totally awesome :)
    just across the river from dc, there is a summer movie series playing all the different star trek movies each week! this made me think of it

  6. oh my gosh this is the best thing i've ever seen.

  7. lol my dad is a trekkie too! Or was, I haven't seen him watch it forever. BUUUTTT we had all the star trek Christmas ornaments too- I specifically remember "shuttle craft to enterprise, shuttlecraft to enterprise..spock here. Happy Holidays. Live long, and prosper."

  8. OH MY GOSH! YES CONNIE! hahaha that one is the most played Christmas Ornament ever! Oh that brought back so many memories :) Thank you for that! That was his first ornament that made sounds... so it is memorized by all of our family too.

  9. ha ha ha i love this post so much! my dad's a fellow trekki... so... i guess that makes me one as well! i've always had a huge obsession with Spock... sorry but he's the cutest! i'll have to tell my dad about this place... sounds awesome!!!

  10. fun times....i used to bug my brother as only a naughty little sister could by telling him that jordi's special eye wear was really just a banana clip....

  11. That's hilariously awesome. Also, I have those shoes, but in yellow! :)


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