Pinball Wizard...

One of mine and Trevor's favorite dates is to go to the Nickel Arcade. It is something we both really love, and really get into. A couple weeks ago me and Trevor went to the all time favorite...Five Guys Burger's and Fries... of course. It was amazing... as usual! Can't get enough of it. Best Burgers EVER! :) I have always loved them, but because of Trevor's passion for them we eat there all the time, and I am developing my own obsession. LOVE THEM. We have eating there down to an art now... yup yup, pay attention:
 First you DEVOUR, Burger and Cajun Spiced Fries!

 Lick the fingers, you know the fries and burgers are messy...


Anyways back to the Arcade date. After 5 Guys we hit Nickelmania. We had SO much fun! We won the most tickets we have ever won! I hit a jack pot, and so did Trevor so we were able to buy loads and loads and loads of candy! We ate it all that night.... um NOT a good idea. We were like little kids in the arcade and ate that candy like we were little kids and paid for it later, haha. But it was all worth it, it wassuch a fun date night with the hubberz!

Had to Play the Terminator Pin Ball.... Seeing the night Trevor proposed we watched The Terminator! Classy, I know.

This is what jack pot winners look like!
I had SO many tickets busting out of my purse!! haha

Being a little prideful....

Basking in the glory of beating a bunch of children in arcade games... ha-ha.

Just a drop in the amount of goods we got :)


Gummy Burgers are the bestest! I always love getting them. Does anyone know if you can get these in the stores? I seem to only to find them at arcades, carnivals etc?


  1. I've seen them at Costco here and some of the drugstores.

  2. oh that looks so fun! and i love the pigtails on you, lady.

    and i've seen those things at the dollar store and at the macey's back when i lived in provo.

  3. What a great date night!! I love seeing another couple that enjoy the same crazy things me and my husband do. Nice to know we're not crazy haha

  4. It looks like a great date night! I love gummy candies too :)

  5. 1. i love your blue plaid shirt. where is it from?
    2. arcade dates are the best
    3. my mom always has those mini burgers in the snack basket @ home. i will find out where she gets em!

  6. my hubs and I LOVE 5 guys too...we can't drive past it without stopping! You just can't beat those fries...

  7. you can get them at halloween at walmart you ticket hoarder!!!! :-)

  8. 1. I just tried 5 Guys for the first time this past Sunday. Oh my gosh... it really was THE BEST burger and fries I've EVER had. My boyfriend and I ate a large fry in like 5 minutes. Their fry sauce is amazing too. Yum.

    2. That nickle arcade looks like a blast! I'll have to check it out.

    3. You can pick up the mini burgers at any Dollar Tree. They're Sponge Bob brand there.

  9. How fun! Y'all are too cute :)

  10. too cute! I love fun dates and you guys sure did wreck in the tickets!! you look great!

  11. those fries look so good!! yumm!! Looks like ya'll had lots of fun, gotta love pinball! I've seen the gummy burgers at the dollar store. :)

  12. We have Five Guys here in Boise, but I've never been. I'll have to venture there this weekend!

  13. Okay, this looks like the most fun EVER! I've never tried 5 Guys, I need to asap :)

  14. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your blog is super cute!!


  15. that looks like the most fun ever!! I love collecting all those tokens too :)

  16. YOU guys are too cute!! you're like us, but in another part of the country haha! we're happy to join the crowley party and we hope you join ours too! ;)

  17. i am seriously impressed by the amount of tickets you two win. when we go, i might bring in 20... if i'm lucky :)

  18. What a fun night. Love Trevor playing two games at once. I've seen the burger candies at local drugstores. I've also seen them as Sponge Bob Crabby Patties. I agree...yummy!

  19. Nickel Arcade!! Fun!!! I love "free" candy. It only costs you many many dollars. Haha. I should show you the stack of tickets I won. Like 700+ or something insane like that.

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  20. Looks like you had a great time! Those fries look delicious!

    We have those gummi burgers in stores like Target ... but I live in Australia, so that doesn't really help!

    Also, I love your beautiful rings!

    x Jasmine

  21. So much fun!
    You are gorgeous.


  22. I have never had a candy burger before! I even worked at a candy store and never ate one (too busy with the chocolate).

    PS I loved your little info bit about Paris waking up lovely :)

  23. Gummy burgers ARE the best ever! Looks like you had the most incredible time! Congratulations on beating the children haha!

    There is starbucks in sydney and melbourne but unfortunately I am from neither :( I LOVE the double choc chip cooking frap - heaven!!!!

    Gorgeous blog xx

  24. I have that shirt! And I didn't realize you are from SLC! My husband and I are moving thereabouts when we get home from South America! How excited. We have so much in common. Even our love for nickelcade.


  25. omg I love gummy burgers!! I've definitely seen them in stores, I think Walmart even carries them. I remember one time when I was little, my grandma got me a life size version of the gummy was awesome.

  26. Those fries look amazing! What a fun date! Now I want to find a nickel arcade and go with my husband.



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