Not a great start to the weekend...

The D came off of my laptop! HOW SAD is that? Obviously the D button still works since you are seeing it being typed but it does make typing a little more awkward. I did not realize how often I use the letter D when typing until this sad morning. Oh well, I have had this thing since the summer before I went off to College it has has a good run! To top it off me and Trevor locked ourselves out of the apartment this morning.... AGAIN, and had to figure out new ways to break into our apartment, haha! Oh and I went to the Church for what I thought was a Saturday Social thing, to find no one there, doors locked. I called someone and found out it was a typo and they moved it to April. YAY for me and my day...I hope you all have a better weekend then I am having so far, I am now going to go try and have a better day. Trevor just bought me some ice cream so that is a good start! Does anyone know how to get a letter back on your key board? haha


  1. That's funny. My letter k gets stuck all the time. If I don't pay attention it'll start randomly typing k's into whatever I type. Really quite annoying! Peter's fix is to buy a new computer...I'm living with the k's for now, we'll see how long that lasts. No help for the D-I guess if it works without it then you're okay.

  2. Oh I hate days like that!! (glue maybe??)

  3. That sucks! Well at least you got icecream :)


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