Energy Drinks...

So I grew up not drinking a lot of soda, and when I did have soda I never drank anything with Caffeine. I can't thank my parents enough for this because it has given me the habit of just really avoiding soda (one huge factor in the obesity problem today.) Soda is just SO bad for you... anyways we all KNOW that, but people will still drink it. Anyways one thing that just seems 10 times worse then a soda are energy drinks. I know people who are just addicted to these things. Well Trevor, whenever he has a big night on his hands of studying or of homework and he is mega tired already he get an energy drink. I have always wondered what it would be like to be tired and drink something that makes me perk up and get some energy, and be able to accomplish more in my day. Well I had two midterms this week, I have some more later, but this week things really started to pile on. I got really overwhelmed, and... really really tired. So I thought what the heck? Why not try one? Of course I got a sugar free one, I mean heck why not try something that is at least slightly healthier right? So I tried Sugar Free Red Bull...
Well. I am not sure what it was. The fact that my body has never taken
in THAT much caffeine in my entire life, the fact that I my body is a total wimp pansy,
or if I am letting my brain get to me from all I know about how bad these things are for you...
but either way something happened.

Within the first 3 gulps and 10 minutes I felt like I was going to throw up, and I got a really weird burning feeling in my chest. This burning lasted the WHOLE rest of the night and I couldn't even get myself to finish it. As of the energy... I did feel like a I got a little more energy. I probably could have felt it more if I had decided to finish drinking it. All I know is, my body DOES not like Red Bull... and I am going to assume it wont like any other energy drink either. I always knew how bad they were for you, I can't believe I let the stress of school and work and my life get me to try one.

All in all, I am totally done with the curiosity about these drinks.


  1. That's what caffinated drinks do to me. I avoid all caffeine if I can. I still like drinking soda every now and then. Italian sodas are our specialty to make. And we have about 4 or 5 2-liter bottles of the cranberry sierra mist-oh so yummy-they'll last us until Thanksgiving when they come back into the stores again.

  2. So I'm curious how the studying went. Did you stay alert through it all or was the burning chest too distracting?

  3. It's the burning chest that keeps you awake !!!

  4. ughh I had a couple during high school before our homecoming rally's (I needed high energy for those!) and every time I have one I never get much more energy, except feeling a bit shaking and feeling my heart beat, and then I totally get depressed and sad as a side effect when the caffeine wears out.

    never again!


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