This is why I love San Diego.

So another fun day our family had over Christmas Break was spent at the beach. We went to this really cool Fish and Chips place in Carlsbad and the food was amaaaaazing. Seriously. Yum Yum Yum. Has anyone noticed how much I talk about food over this Christmas break? Yeah I gained 3 pounds. Don't worry I have already lost it and some more since, but I swear I can't go home without gaining some weight. Every time. Especially Christmas time. All those yummy Canadian treats and moms baked goods yum. Anyways back to the day, great fish and chips and the weather was in our favor and we hung out at the beach all day. The kids LOVED the sand haha, and me and sarah went in the water! We put wet suits on since it was a little chilly for us but brave Trevor went in without anything with some of the other boys too. While we were leaving the beach these wild dolphins were in a big group popping in and out of the water. Now I have seen wild dolphins before, but never had I seen it like this. This one dolphin came clear out of the water! You could see the WHOLE BODY! Ugh wish I had my camera out to snap that. It was pretty dang cool.
Another fun thing we did as a family was take family pictures. I will have to put some up when we get them back! It was pretty cool the waves were going nuts, and half the family (Including me) got totally soaked... nice. Haha it was pretty funny. Anyways later that day we went to this Museum of Music out in Carlsbad. It was really cool, and esp. fun for Trevor since there was a specific exhibit in his area of interest with synthesizers etc. I fell in love with yellow daisy (of course) guitar. Maybe someday! haha Anyways it was alot of fun, and for once Trevor wanted his picture taken. He actually ASKED to have a picture taken. You know that means he really thought this stuff was cool, haha :)
Me and Sarah are crazy, what can I say?
Some pictures Trevor actually ASKED me to take!My Future Guitar :)
Loved this picture of Ben.
Me and Hayley ready for family pictures :)

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  1. We did do some fun things and I think that more people were interested in the museum than they thought they would be. It was fun to play with the instruments at the end.
    The fish & chips were yummy and family pictures were a blast. They came the other day. Dad & I will look at them today :)


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