Old Lady?

So when me and Trevor got married, I really wanted wedding china. It is a lost tradition, which really makes me sad. Those moments where my mother said we could use the "nice china" I got so excited and would jump at the chance to help set the table. I just won't ever forget the memories that surround the dinners and conversations and fun times we had while using the nice china, Sunday dinners, Guests, Birthday's, Father's day, Mother's day... all these special meals we used the china.
Well it isn't very traditional to give wedding china as it use to be, but someday I still want some of my own. I decided I want something simple that will go with everything, but still has something about it that is kind of unique. I have been looking for awhile now and have found many different fun colors and things, but I think I found that simplistic look, with a touch of uniqueness I was looking for... and OF COURSE I would love one that was made in collaboration with Martha Stewart. The other day we were in Macy's and I made Trevor stop by the china so I could see it in real person. I lovvvved it. triple loved it. Even MORE so in person. The picture doesn't truly show, in fact let me just note, pictures online of fine china DO NOT do it justice! Even ones I thought were ugly when searching online were beautiful in real life and in front of me. They really are little pieces of art to eat on :)
{Martha Stewart Collection with Wedgwood Bouquet Dinnerware Collection}
There are some other patterns to mix and match with to change it up.
I am in love.

So do I have an old lady style if I love everything old fashioned, like wanting my wedding dress to have a touch of vintage in it, not even knowing the cut of diamond I loved was a vintage cut and the fact that I want fine china to have dinners on?

One plate at a time right?


  1. Yes, one plate at a time my dear :) You are not an old lady you are traditional :) Love you!...and I'm glad you have fond memories of our special dinners with our china.

  2. "Laughs and Giggles"?? You always were a little old fashioned at heart weren't you? I guess we know what to give you for Christmas and Birthdays for the next ten years. Your pattern is pretty.


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