Christmas Eve 09.

Christmas Eve is one of my FAVORITE things. This is because my family has a very strong set of traditions that we have always done. This years was still great, but I am not going to lie... it wasn't the same. I guess our family has grown out of a lot of the really fun things I liked to do... mainly because over half of us are married their are grandchildren now, and lets face it, Christmas just isn't the same as it was when you were a kid now was it? With that said, it still was a great Christmas Eve. We did keep some of our traditions, like went caroling to the neighbors and dropped of treats, and did our family talent show. Every year I have played piano for the family talent show, but since I haven't had a piano around for the past 3 years, I have really lost the ability to do that anymore. Sad I know, and I was really wondering what the heck I would do for the family talent show this year. Well learning to play guitar has always been something I wanted to do, but never really took the idea seriously. Well now that I married to someone who plays all the time and has 3 or 4 guitars lying around the house, I thought HECK I should learn a song for the show! In two weeks between finals I practiced, Green Day "Time of your Life." I was really nervous and kind of messed up but I think I still managed to surprise everyone. (I didn't tell anyone I had learned a song on guitar.) It really came to me naturally and was a lot of fun and has inspired me to learn more! I mean I will get free lessons so why not right? :) One thing I loved was my mom gave all the married kids their own personalized family stockings! I would have put up a picture of it, but I haven't got a bunch of photos off my Dad's camera. Anyways, Love my mom for all the hard work she put into them, they are great! My favorite part of this Christmas Eve was seeing all my nieces and nephews enjoy Christmas where it is so magical to them still. So even though this year wasn't the same and we are growing out of our Leavitt Childhood Christmas Traditions, it was fun adjusting to the new grand babies and creating new ones. Love my family.

Jamie came over to visit me on Christmas Eve. Love her.
Me playing the song I learned for the Christmas Talent Show.
Our Christmas Tree :)
Loved this picture of Trevor and Sheba Sleeping together.


  1. Strange to see a boy sleeping in your bed :) Anyhow, what traditions did we miss other than my h'ordeuvres & everyone sleeping together and reading Christmas stories? I was planning on doing those but then Ben wanted to make his taco's for his talent so how could I say "no". I actually had all the stuff to make them and was going to do it another night but it didn't work out. As far as the stories go and sleeping together...well now that everyone is almost married that isn't going to work. Oh, I thought of one I was sad nativity video with the song. I had that ready to go also but with the babies it didn't happen and after they went to bed it was a mood point :( I'm still sad about that. I'm glad you liked it anyway. You'll have to get a picture of your stockings. Let me know what else we missed. Love you! xxoo
    P.S. you didn't mention Trevor's magic trick. It was pretty cool!

  2. P.S. another thing....I bought the carrots with the greens on top for the reindeer and then we didn't do that or the cookies. I guess the babies are too young and their parents forgot. I remembered the next day :(


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