Well today is the first day of the new year. Like most people I have been thinking about the changes I can make in my life that will make this year, the best ever. Trevor and I have been talking with each other about the "Lifestyle" change we need. It has become kind of a joke between us, whenever we see a dish lying around the house, or were eating an unhealthy meal, we always say, "we need a lifestyle change!"
Although it has become a saying we use often, we really do want to start making some changes that will make us better people. I have always been taught that if you want to achieve a goal, you have to write it down. So that is what I am going to do.

My Lifestyle Change for 2010.

1. Eat Healthy. I want to treat my body with respect by giving it amazing foods that will help nourish and strengthen it. I really want to minimize the take out and sweets, and really focus on putting in good food and vitamins that will help my body.

2. Exercise. I have always done some form of exercise, but now I want to really focus on it. I want to stick to regularly working out throughout the week, and going above and beyond to make sure I am in great shape, and as healthy as possible.

3. Be Organized. I want to be more organized, and more clean. Instead of waiting for every Saturday for me and Trevor to really do a good cleaning, I want to every day just take 15 minutes to pick up little messes and things left out so that I can be living in a clean stress free space.

4. Be Focused. I want to make sure I am really focused on my school work. Make sure that I am always putting 100 percent into my studies and homework. I want to really take advantage of my education, and learning, and get good grades.

5. Be more Spiritual. I really want to make sure me and Trevor have planned out and with a purpose Family Home Evenings. I want to make sure we really develop the spiritual habits of scripture reading, prayer and family home evening BEFORE we have children so we can already be examples and not have to make adjustments later.

6. Be Nicer. I consider myself a nice person, but I do admit to my faults of being impatient. I want to work on speaking kinder to people, even when I am upset and frustrated. I want to work on maintaining a calm and positive attitude in times of stress and frustration, and not letting things get to me.

7. Service. I really miss the Saturday service projects that were always readily available to me in high school to be able to do. I want to work harder on finding things I can do for other people to make their lives easier. If that is being involved in a church service activity or simply doing something nice for someone else.

Long Term...
8. Guitar. For my families Christmas talent show this year I learned how to play a short little song on the guitar (thanks to Trevor!) I really liked it and now would like to learn some more, just for fun. So I would like to work on improving my skills on the guitar.

9. Spanish. I have always thought it would be cool to learn another language. I have always been jealous of people who are bilingual. I struggled so much in high school while taking Spanish. Well I have decided to minor in ESL which requires me to take a semester of a foreign language. Because most children in public schools who speak another language besides English, speaks Spanish I of course am going to take Spanish.
While giving it a lot of consideration I have really decided I should work to be able to speak Spanish as good as I possibly could. I don't want to go as far as to say I will be fluent, although someday I would really like to accomplish that goal. I would love to get to the point where I could communicate on a decent level with my future students.


  1. love it ... glad you blogged again! :-)

  2. These are great goals! I need to write mine down now :)You can use your FHE for newlyweds book for the FHE's.

  3. Good goals. Do I really need to write down some goals? They say a goal not written down is just a wish so I suppose I'll come up with some goals and post them.


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