Blast From the Past Party &Valentines Day!

Trevor thought it would be funny yo shave his beard all funny cut out the bottom like a weird truck driver, haha i wasn't a big fan but what can you do? It was a fun party anyways!

For Valentine's Day I made Trevor a surprise dinner! It was all Greek and Mediterranean Food and soooo good if i can say so myself :) haha I made my bed into our dining area and we had a great dinner.

I hate how these pictures seemed ruined because of Trevor's nasty beard! Oh well after dinner we watched a movie and went hot tubbing. GREAT Valentines day! (even if i was with a weirdo beard man!)

No longer a Teenager!

So for my birthday Trevor was amazing! He planned this huge super bowl/birthday party for me. He cooked tons of food for it, and made tons of different deserts and had games and everything. I was really really impressed with him. I couldn't have imagined a better party. Then on my real birthday he took me out to Tucanos a really nice Brazilian all you can eat meat place just me and him. It was such a great birthday weekend, all thanks to Trevor!

My great friends got me a Beta Fish named T-REX, he is soooo cute :)