No longer a Teenager!

So for my birthday Trevor was amazing! He planned this huge super bowl/birthday party for me. He cooked tons of food for it, and made tons of different deserts and had games and everything. I was really really impressed with him. I couldn't have imagined a better party. Then on my real birthday he took me out to Tucanos a really nice Brazilian all you can eat meat place just me and him. It was such a great birthday weekend, all thanks to Trevor!

My great friends got me a Beta Fish named T-REX, he is soooo cute :)


  1. That food looks good. I like your fish. I can't you're now 20. Where does the time go?

  2. you didn't even see half the food! He went to the mexican market here and bought tons of meat etc, and made fajitas and beans and 7 layer dip etc. SO YUMMY!!!


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