Halloween...or shall I say YMCA!

OH Halloween was very interesting this year.... let me tell YOU! First off, I gave the "grand" idea last Halloween that Trevor and all of his friends should be the Village People for next years Halloween. Well they took a liking to that idea, and this year they went with, and they sure did commit to the costumes. A week before Halloween Trevor and his friends held a Halloween Planning Party. They practiced and memorized the YMCA dance from the Village People Music Video, and memorized the lyrics. Trevor took this all VERY seriously. He burned copies of the song and printed off lyrics for everyone in the group to practice at home with... haha wow. Anyways they decided that Halloween was going to basically be, them crashing as many parties as possible and break out into dance to the YMCA with their boom box. Before I get into that, first I will say this Halloween was weird for me because it was my first time carving a pumpkin without my Daddy! It just didn't feel right, it just wasn't the same, and carving pumpkins just aren't as cool as when you were little... anyways I think I did a good job on my pumpkin since it was the first time without my Daddy's help! I then made two plates of Halloween Cupcakes for everyone to eat before we headed out to party crash. They were great (Thanks mom for the awesome sprinkles and Halloween themed cupcake holders I used!) So the first thing the YMCA guys wanted to do was strategically plan getting on to the TRAX station at different stops yet on the same car so no one would notice they were together, then RANDOMLY just burst out into the YMCA dance. It worked perfectly and it was hilarious! You should have seen the people on the TRAX, everyone was laughing some people tried to get up and dance with them... some people were annoyed, haha it was just classic. The rest of the night consisted of us girls following the guys around to different parties getting different reactions from people, all in all by the end of the night my feet were killing (I wore three inch heels and was the camera girl all night long!) It was fun, but I was tired and not feeling good (that was probably the SWINE kicking in at that point, LAME!) The next day Trevor took all the footage and pictures and put together a pretty cool "music video" of the night... I thought you would all enjoy...

(For some reason the quality isn't so great when I uploaded it, you can go to Trevor's Facebook to see a better quality version!)

My Pumpkin :)

Pumpkin Guts!

I was a Jail Bird Girl!

Trevor was a very interesting.... Cop.

They REALLY got into their parts.... this is them practicing before going out.

Dancing on the TRAX.

Marriage? haha

The Whole Gang.


  1. Alycia - Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comment :). I loved your wedding video - they do such great work. I'd love to share details from your wedding on my blog or a new website I'm starting if you'd ever be interested! Email me if this is something you'd consider - anniepackman @ gmail dot com.

  2. Crazy boys but fun boys! :) Love your pumpkin and you did a great job. It's been awhile since you even carved a pumpkin with your Dad hasn't it?

  3. seriously ... SOOOO funny!!!! You look adorable and pumpkins get way more fun after you have kids.


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