The Vampire Diaries.

So I KNOW what you are all thinking....Twilight impostors! At least that is what I first thought when I saw previews for this show. Well as many of you know Trevor and I do not have cable, so I have to find all my entertainment via television watching on the internet. I had seen previews for this show, and just didn't think too much about watching (although I did think how good looking the cast of the show was!) Well my good friend Tearsa came over for a sleepover and we started talking about how excited we are for the new Twilight movie to come out and she started telling me how much she loves this show The Vampire Diaries and she went on and on about it and how good it was and how it fills her cravings for Twilight while she waits for the movie to come out. Anyways she also went on about how hot the main character in the show is, which I have to admit I think is wayyyyy better looking then the actor who plays Edward, I have to be honest here, haha. Anyways, I watched the first episode, then the second, then the third, and now I can not wait for Thursday nights on the CW because I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS SHOW! I mean yes it is about vampires and young love, but it is also very different from Twilight, and for the record, those who think it is a rip off Twilight like I did.... FOR THE RECORD The show is actually based of the best selling books written by L.J. Smith, who's vampire books were written BEFORE Stephanie Meyer's (I even read some article where he is suing her for some copyrights etc. anyways...) I still LOVE Twilight, but now I also LOVE The Vampire Diaries! If you like Twilight you will like this show! So go drool over the gorgeous boys and the crazy story that unfolds in this show, I promise you wont be disappointed! &it will get you even THAT more excited for the new Twilight movie coming to theaters next MONTH! YAY!

Stefan the "good" vampire, and sooooooooooooo GORGEOUS! AH!


  1. Oh my gosh! Sarah has been watching this and I told her it looked dumb but I never really watched it. She is in love with this show! Wait until I tell her you watch it now. She'll be excited.

  2. um mom if you watched it, YOU would be in love with it too :) haha

  3. Dare I admit that Tyler records this show and watches it regularly? More than I do, haha. They are both hot actors and the acting is getting better as it grows. Still, very cheesy at times though.


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