Accepting Life...

Well after this morning I wasn't sure if I should feel relieved or sad or what exactly. But after calling my mommy (yes I still call my mommy when I am sad or confused) and reflecting on the new information relayed to me I actually find myself feeling more at peace and at ease then I have been all semester about my future and school. As some of you may know I was really attempting to finish school in 4 years even though my major takes at least 5 if not more. This is due partly because my major is basically two combined political science and history, also because my entire student teaching year is required before graduation. Anyways ever since my freshman year I have been taking at least 15 credits and strategically planning my classes to be able to finish everything... I had this amazing "plan!" Well as life has shown me... sometimes my plans are not the plan that seems to happen in life. This morning I met with a counselor who works specifically with the teaching licensure program. Basically you have to apply to get into the program (history being the hardest to get into because of low demand for history teachers, great) and this program only is offered in a specific order of fall term first spring term second. I am just a semester short of being able to properly apply etc for the 2010 teaching program year :( SO what does this mean? I said what do I do for a whole semester just waiting to be able to get into the fall 2011 program? WELL a blessing in disguise I guess. I always wanted to double minor (since currently I have a minor in teaching history) and I wanted it in ESL. I have been advised by every teacher I know high school level college level adviser's etc that this is the minor to have. Some states are even sending some of their teachers to get certificates and take ESL classes etc. For those who don't know ESL is English as a Second Language. It really is vital in todays public schools especially to know how to teach students who's first language isn't English. Since thats what a lot of schools are full of currently and it is only increasing. I always wanted to get this minor but decided that I didn't have the time. I have been feeling so pressured (pressure put on by myself) to hurry hurry hurry finish school so I can be done before Trevor is off to Law School, because I really, really really didn't want to transfer somewhere else. Well now I basically have no choice! I have an open semester now so what to do? Well I am going to get another minor. The best plan overall is to slow down a bit and get a minor and apply for the 2011-2012 teaching program. Because of this, this means if Trevor decides to go to Law School outside of Utah that I will be transferring somewhere else. Something I DID NOT want to do. I am learning to accept it now, and realizing in the long run trying to push through right now just isn't possible. BUT thing is, WHO knows where Trevor will go to Law School WHO knows what will happen exactly, but what I DO know is I have finally just accepted that I need to let go of my "plans" and just do the best thing for the situation I find myself in in life. I don't like when things don't go the way I planned, but life hasn't so far and I am pretty happy, so I guess I will just "let go" and trust my future will be okay!


  1. Great post sweetie! Just remember the other thing we talked about... and that is that it will all work out in the end. This has definitely been a year of changes in the "plan" hasn't it? :) I love you!

  2. I learned a long time ago that some of our biggest disappointments turn out to be a blessing.

  3. I think that is a lesson that we all have to learn several times in our life! I am glad that you have come to terms with it. Love you ... and you are right, everything will happen the way it is supposed to happen!


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