Bachelorette Party!

I have the best friends in the whole world. Jamie Havertz and Sarah Borgehi two of my good friends threw me a Bachelortte party. We got a small group together of my closest friends and all headed downtown to Dick's Last Resort. It is this restaurant in downtown San Diego where the waiters and everyone purposely treat you bad. It is pretty funny, they make fun of you, they throw things at you like your straws and napkins, it really is a fun experience. So during dinner Jamie pulls out these Bachelorette challenges. They were all different random things we all took turns doing, mainly me though haha. The hardest part is getting started so I just sucked it up and did the first challenge. I had to kiss a bald man on the head. This was when I wished my dad was around so I could just kiss his bald head! Anyways, I went through with it, and all the other challenges. We walked all around down town doing them and it was alot of fun. After dinner and the scavenger hunt we went back to Sarah's house and started eating tons of candy and drinking sparkling cider and opening presents. In the middle of opening my presents there came a knock at the door. Now I was scared... I knew something was coming but I wasn't sure what to expect. My thoughts turned to Sharly's shower and the words..."as long as its not my brothers" came out. Low and behold.... Brandon, Ben, Alex, and his friend come out followed by Patrick video recording. You can just look at my face to see my reaction. It was ... interesting. We finished up some games and candy and I got a second surprise, Jamie's friends had come to give me a second show! Finally After all the embarrassing half naked boys I had seen we got more settled and watched Bride Wars and had a sleepover. We woke up the next morning and got my favorite Bagels and Golden Bagel, and hit the beach. We spent the day at Del Mar and it was so much fun. It was like we were all in High school again or something. Everyone made sure I put lots of sunscreen on so I wouldn't get a burn! haha even with everything I got a little pink. (of course its me!) Basically, I had THE best Bachelorette party due to the fact that I have the most amazing friends in my life, and family. I don't know why I got to be so lucky in life :) seriously.

There are no words.
oh...oh no no.
Some pics of the Challenges, There were TONS but I can't put up all of them!
Challenge #1 Kiss a Bald man's head.
Kissing the Bald man's head.
Ashli and me.
Jamikens the bestie Maid of Honor
Katy, Allie and me, since 7th grade :)
Sarah B

All my amazing Friends!
Tearsa, my amazing friend who flew down with me from Utah!
Got to love my niece Sydney, she is so classy.
Don't wanna get burnt!


  1. You do have the best of friends! I'm so glad you all make the effort to stay in touch even though you all go to different schools and don't all live in San Diego. :)

  2. P.S.
    And the picture of your face where you see your brothers is priceless!


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