San Diego &Alex's Graduation.

Well where do I even start? A lot in this blog entry today... I FINALLY got to go back to San Diego for the first time this whole summer. It has been so weird living in Utah this whole summer and not going back home. I wish it could have been longer, because it was so much fun to see all my family and friends! Katy, Allie and I continued our tradition and went to Americana for breakfast down by the beach in Del Mar and just sat around the beach. It was perfect, we just talked about how much has changed and how fast life goes by and how we all can't believe I am ENGAGED! AH! I couldn't stop looking at my ring so Allie finally said, "Just take a picture of it already!" haha SO I did (:

After the beach and breakfast with my friends I went to Alex's graduation, I STILL can't believe he has graduated! CRAZY! It was way fun getting to hang out with the family esp. Evan my nephew. After the graduation we all went to Souplantaion which was alot of fun. It was fun to watch Evan eat, if that what you want to call it. Most of it didn't get in his mouth, haha! Anyways it was a perfect day really. I love being HOME!

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  1. Yay! You are updating your blog. The first part of this blog is hard to read I don't know why the type is so weird. I missed you so much this summer and loved it when you came home even though it wasn't very long. I miss having you around :( But I am so happy for you! :)


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