Salt Lake City Half Marathon

So this picture makes me laugh but it was about 5:30 am and i had no one to take a picture of me before the race with my bib number on and everything! haha I wanted a before and after. So here is my before, and below is my after!

I decided awhile ago i just wanted to be more healthy and i was in my institute class where we were learning about fitness and how our bodies are temples from god and we need to take care of them, and the girl who was speaking challenged the class to sign up for the salt lake city marathon or half marathon. Well i don't know what came over me, could be the class discussion but i was feeling optimistic and decided then and there i was going to do the Sale Lake City half Marathon. I started to train for it, and i couldn't believe i was doing it since i had sworn to myself i would never do one, haha. Anyways my training was going well but once i started coaching and my school work got heavier i was skimping out on alot of my runs and i wasn't finding enough time to do them. So i decided that when i do another marathon im going to make sure my schedule is wiiiiide open for the training, because i did feel if i had taken training more seriously i could have done alot better. But with that all said, i am still very happy with how i felt and did the race! I had a secret goal of doing it under 3 hours, i wasn't expecting too much from myself. I did the first 6 miles without stopping and under an hour, and then after that i did have to walk occasionally. I really had to watch myself and make sure i didn't walk for too long. But i would say the rest of the marathon i did run and walk, run an walk, but i did make sure i was running more then i was waking haha. Near the end i was approaching finish line the Marathon first place runner was just going into the finish line so the crowd was going ecstatic for him! haha He was insane, i mean he was passing me to the finish line and he had just don't a marathon while i had only done half of one! haha But with the crowds excitement i got to soak up that energy and sprinted through the finish line to his cheers! haha it felt amazing! SO when i crossed the finish line i saw 2 hours and 17 (something mins) I haven't checked my exact time yet but it is close to just that! haha. It felt amazing!
I enjoyed an amazing Creamy Popsicle after, they had tons of food and free cool stuff for everyone at the far end of the finish line.

ME showing off my MEDAL!!

Trevor needs to learn how to smile!

make sure you put the Salt Lake City Half Marathon
and my bib number is 6896


  1. Woohoo Congrats Alycia! That's so awesome...I don't even think about running anymore. Cross country and track were enough for me. Perhaps I'll go hit the pool or something :) So proud of you, way to go!

  2. AWESOME!!! I'm so proud of you especially because I know you didn't get to really train the way you would have liked to but despite that you finished!!!!

  3. Good for you !! I'm sure Ben And Alex would have a hard time keeping up to you. And by the way it's about time you got caught up on your Blog. We are very proud of you P.

  4. YEAH!!!!!!!!!! I told you it was fun!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to talk to you more about it!


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