Everybody's Doing It....

Well I have seen that my whole family is starting to jump on the blog bandwagon so I decided why not? I do every other form of internet networking. And since i am terrible at writing in a journal or diary maybe this can be yet another attempt to writing down some things that happen in my life. For now i will leave it at that and start blogging when i have more to say!


  1. Yep, I read through your ENTIRE blog. I have never done that before, but I was thoroughly entertained and have just kept your page up on my laptop to peruse for two days...In case you were wondering- that's how long it takes to go through your blog lol. I've learned a lot about you, but don't fret- I am NOT a stalker. At least not that I know of ;)

  2. ^^ hahaha that comment.. I go on blog-binges too but that's hilarious. <3


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