Sorry for the lack of posts on the blog these days! I swear I have been starting every post with an apology lately. I have been very active on social media just not so much on this blog anymore. But I had to check in and share some pictures from the adorable baby shower some of my friends put together for me. It was such a sweet gesture, something I wasn’t expecting at all, and I was really touched by the whole thing. I didn't think second baby showers were a thing but I am actually really happy about because I have felt like this baby hasn’t had nearly as much attention or “celebration” as Ella had. We have just been so busy over here, too busy honestly, we are functioning at a rate that isn’t sustainable. At least not sustainable for good health! Haha It was just nice to take a minute and focus on him. 

I did do a little vlog on the shower as well as an update on the baby if you want to watch that below. Vlogging has kind of taken over what blogging used to be for me. Video medium is something I really enjoy and I love having those memories saved in that way. Anyways, back to the shower, my friends out did themselves. They are the dynamic duo behind The Confetti Creative and they are the ones who helped me with Ella’s First Birthday. I say helped when really I just gave them the theme and they did everything else! Haha They have so much talent and if you are local you should really utilize them! They are the best of the best. I am kicking myself that I forgot to get a cute picture with them at the shower :( BAH.  Oh well, they took some gorgeous shots of the set up before the party started so I wanted to share those!


  1. Congrats!;-)
    Haven't new that...

  2. Seriously what an adorable shower! My husband and I always use the "party of three" hashtag for our family. We are now expecting baby no 2! Loving all the inspiration from these baby related posts of yours! Congrats Crowley family!

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