While I have been very active on all my other social media platforms, I have totally neglected this blog the past six months! With the new year I want to get back to posting more regularly on here, because this blog is first and foremost a journal for me that I never want to stop using. The main thing that has been keeping me away from posting here is that I have been doing much more vlogging. Basically what I would post on my blog now done on video form on my YouTube channel. I have been posting very regularly on there if you are interested. 

Just yesterday I filmed and posted a Second Trimester Update! I haven't posted more about this pregnancy because there hasn't been much to say. I have been feeling amazing and I have hardly any symptoms to even mention. You can hear more about the things that have been changing more recently for me as I am about to start the final trimester of my pregnancy. I can't believe how fast this has flown on by and before I know it I will be a mom of two! A little BOY! AHHH haha I am getting excited :)


  1. A good pregnancy is one that just feels natural and causes no worries or concerns

  2. So exciting, can't wait to meet the little one!

    xx Kelly
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